BioNut Management and Administration

At the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition we are around 20 people working within the Management and Administration. The administration can be found on floor 8 in Neo.


Janne Johansson

Head of Department

Monica Ahlberg

Secretary to the Head of Department

Maria Eriksson

Assistant Head of Department - collaborations

Sam Okret

Assistant Head of Department, Director of Higher Education

Thomas Tinglöv

Head of Administration

Lennart Nilsson

Faculty representative - infrastructure

Camilla Björkegren

Faculty representative

Martin Bergö

Faculty representative


Patricia Degnell

Head of finances

Henrik Ahlandsberg

Financial controller

Human Resources (HR)

For any HR support at BioNut, please contact your HR officer. Which HR officer you should contact depends on which group you belong to.

Karin Gåse

HR officer
08-524 810 09

For BEA (Fagerström-Billai), Carlén, Eriksson, Gustafsson/Nalvarte, Pan-Hammarström, Okret, Pietrocola, Rising, Sherwood, Swoboda, Treuter, Williams, KDW, Zaphiropoulos and Education.

Eva Nordlander

HR officer
08-524 810 10

For Aaltonen, Bergö, Björkegren, Daub, Ekwall, Farnebo, Gerling, Johansson, Jovine, Kere, Lennartsson, Löf, VMB, Riedel, Schüler, Strömberg, Strömblad, Svensson and Tinglöv.


Erik Lundgren

Research engineer

Education & Research Support

Monica Ahlberg

Educational officer, Doctoral/Third level education and courses

Sara Bruce

Educational administrator, first and second level education

Anna Wallén

Educational administrator, first and second level education

Purchasing & Lab. Service

Petri Köttö

Laboratory technician

Inger Moge

Technical assistant

Dawud Nantor

Technical assistant

Maryam Saghafian

Laboratory manager

Linda Strand

Procurement officer

Communication & Information

Sara Bruce

Communications Officer