BioNut Management and Administration

At the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition we are around 20 people working within the Management and Administration. The administration can be found on floor 8 in Neo.


Janne Johansson

Head of Department

Monica Ahlberg

Secretary to the Head of Department

Maria Eriksson

Assistant Head of Department - collaborations

Sam Okret

Assistant Head of Department, Director of Higher Education

Thomas Tinglöv

Head of Administration

Lennart Nilsson

Faculty representative - infrastructure

Camilla Björkegren

Faculty representative


Patricia Degnell

Head of finances

Henrik Ahlandsberg

Financial controller

Therese Skaugvold

Finance administrator

Human Resources (HR)

Karin Gåse

HR Partner


Erik Lundgren

Research engineer

Education & Research Support

Monica Ahlberg

Educational officer, Doctoral/Third level education and courses

Sara Bruce

Educational administrator, first and second level education

Anna Wallén

Educational administrator, first and second level education

Purchasing & Lab. Service

Petri Köttö

Laboratory technician

Inger Moge

Technical assistant

Dawud Nantor

Technical assistant

Maryam Saghafian

Laboratory manager

Linda Strand

Procurement officer

Communication & Information

Sara Bruce

Communications Officer