BioNut Management and Administration

At the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition we are around 20 people working within the Management and Administration. The administration can be found on floor 8 in Neo. Below you can find out more about who to contact and about what.


Janne Johansson

Head of Department

Monica Ahlberg

Assistant to the Head of Department

Maria Eriksson

Deputy Head of Department - collaborations

Sam Okret

Deputy Head of Department, Director of Higher Education

Thomas Tinglöv

Head of Administration

Lennart Nilsson

Faculty representative - infrastructure

Camilla Björkegren

Faculty representative

Martin Bergö

Faculty representative


Please contact Economy at BioNut:

Patricia Degnell

Head of finances

Henrik Ahlandsberg

Financial controller

Human Resources (HR) at BioNut

For any HR support at BioNut, please contact your HR officer. Which HR officer you should contact depends on which group you belong to.

  • We work both operative and strategic and support managers with issues concerning work environment, recruitment, labour law, conflict management, salary reviews and so on.
  • We support co-workers regarding employment, sick leave, vacation, salary payments, benefits, and other HR related matters.
  • We administer IDAC and UBW affiliates. If you have problems logging in to your KI-email, we can arrange a new password, contact:
  • Via the PA web you can register different kinds of leave, applying for reimbursements, update your address etc. But you must report yourself sick by e-mail to: BIONUT Sjukanmalan
    From May 1st, 2022 you will report your sick leave in the PA website from the first day of illness.
  • For Hosting Agreements concerning residence permit as a visiting researcher, please contact your HR partner.
  • We can also be of assistance regarding discrimination and harassment issues.

Karin Gåse

HR officer
08-524 810 09

For BEA (Fagerström-Billai), Eriksson, Nalvarte, Pan-Hammarström, Okret, Pietrocola, Rising, Sherwood, Swoboda, Treuter, Williams, KDW, Zaphiropoulos and Education.

Eva Nordlander

HR officer
08-524 810 10

For Aaltonen, Bergö, Björkegren, Daub, Ekwall, Farnebo, Gerling, Johansson, Jovine, Kere, Lennartsson, Löf, VMB, Riedel, Schüler, Strömberg, Strömblad, Svensson and Tinglöv.

IT at BioNut

We offer support for IT services outside of what ITA can provide: research IT (servers and lab computers).

Some examples of support/services:
Support with IT-purchases and IT solutions, mailing-lists (such as bionut.all), AD-environment, lab-data support, licenses, server rooms, cooling, alarms, support and maintenance of NAS and similar systems, back-up, storage and fire walls, server administration and support, Linux support and installation, AV-support for the local Neo meeting rooms and poster-printer support.

Please contact:

Erik Lundgren

Research engineer

Anders Lindholm

IT technician and Safety representative at BioNut

Other duties/tasks: Error reporting of coffee machines and cleaning services, handling of telephone subscriptions as well as Neo access.

Coordinated IT at BioNut

Since June 1st, 2022, BioNut is included in Coordinated IT.
You can read about how it affects you on their website. You should still contact IT at BioNut for issues as above.

Booking of IT and lab. equipment in Neo (you must be on VPN).

Education & Research Support

We offer educational support on the first, second and third level of education for courses and programmes at BioNut. We coordinate and administer the different BioNut seminar series and assist with travel support for staff and guests.

For more information regarding the third level education see the page for Doctoral education at BioNut.

Monica Ahlberg

Educational officer, Doctoral/Third level education

Sara Bruce

Educational administrator and Study counsellor, first and second level education

Educational support and study counselling for the Bachelor's programme in Nutrition and the Master's programme in Nutrition Science at BioNut (course- and programme administration).

Anna Wallén

Educational administrator, first and second level education

Educational support for courses on the Bachelor's programme in Biomedicine, Master's programme in Biomedicine, Master's programme in Molecular techniques in life sciences as well as for free standing courses at BioNut. 

Educational support for the doctoral courses given by BioNut.

Coordination of the seminar series at BioNut and administrative support.

Travel support for staff and guests at BioNut.


At the purchasing unit we take care of orders as well as purchases over 100 000 sek. We educate and inform you about how to use UBW (the purchasing system) for orders, how a purchase is made according to the contract catalogue and as well as direct procurements. We register and send some MTA for signing.

To place an order at BioNut, please fill the order form and e-mail to:

Linda Strand

Procurement officer

Support with expense claims and travel expenses.

Maryam Saghafian

Senior lab manager (on leave)

Communication & Information

  • Managing and updating the BioNut websites, including calendar events and news items.
  • Publishing on the Neo information screens.
  • Information to staff (website, e-mails, newsletter).

Sara Bruce

Communications Officer

Neo Service group

There is a common service group for some basic services in Neo, for example goods receiving, dish facility, janitorial services and access to Neo.

For more information and contact details see the Neo service group website.

Archive and registry at KI Syd

For any questions regarding public documents, registration of documents or archiving, please contact the registry at KI Syd: