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Active Healthy Kids Sweden

Worldwide, trends in the number of children who are overweight or obese have been increasing since the 1970s and Sweden is no exception.

Photos of children being active
Active healthy kids


Although there has been some Swedish reports indicating that the prevalence is levelling off or stable in children in the past 30 years the number of overweight children has doubled. Clearly, this development is due to a number of reasons, where unhealthy dietary behaviors and low levels of physical activity play an important role.

In 2014, the first global summit from 15 countries on physical activity in children and adolescents was published within the network “The Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance” (AHKGA) In November 2016, the second global summit was presented. By then the network had expanded to 38 countries, including Sweden. For the third summit in 2018, 49 countries are participating. The AHKGA is a network of researchers, health professionals and stakeholders who are working together to increase physical activity in children and youth from around the world. The global summits have been important for policy makers, researchers, and various stakeholders to identify and assess problem areas as well as intervene in appropriate ways.

The Active Healthy Kids Swedish working group was established in 2015 to review and compile the most recent available literature for Swedish children and youth, and assign grades to 11 indicators:

  • overall physical activity
  • sedentary behavior
  • organized sport participation
  • active transportation
  • school
  • community and the built environment
  • government strategies and investments
  • active play
  • family and peers
  • diet
  • overweight and obesity

New release October/November 2018

Please find below the Active Healthy Kids Sweden Report Card 2018 (Swedish and English). The global summit 2018 including all countries’ grades will be presented at the conference Movement to Move: Global Insights to get our Kids Moving, between the 26th and 29th of November 2018. (

2018 Report card and article:

SwedishReportCard2018_English (pdf)
SwedishReportCard2018_Swedish (pdf)

2016 Report card and article:

SwedishReportCard2016_English_long (pdf)
SwedishReportCard2016_Swedish_long (pdf)
SwedishReportCard2016_English_short (pdf)
SwedishReportCard2016_Swedish_short (pdf)
GlobalMatrixArticle2016_Swedish (pdf)
GlobalMatrixArticle2016_English (pdf)