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The Order of St John

Mission: Beating stroke

Karolinska Institutet has received SEK 2 million from the Order of St John for a research project titled “Mission: Beating stroke”. The project is being led and conducted by world-leading researchers in the stroke field at Karolinska Institutet. The university’s goal is to raise SEK 40 million with the Heart Lung Foundation in order to realise the project.

Some 30,000 people in Sweden suffer stroke, of whom 6,000 fatally; many of those who survive find it difficult to cope with even the most basic daily tasks. The disease costs society about SEK 19 billion a year. The funds raised will give Karolinska Institutet’s researchers the resources they need to improve treatment methods so that they can help halve the number of deaths and double the number of survivors able to cope unaided. The joint fundraising campaign will continue into 2011.