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The campaign 'Breakthroughs for life'

During 2006-2010, Karolinska Institutet conducted the campaign 'Breakthroughs for life', KI's first fundraising campaign ever. The goal was set to collect one billion for groundbreaking medical research by 2010, the year for KI's bicentenary celebration.

Thanks to the great commitment and generosity of friends around the world, the campaign targets as one of the most successful in Europe ever. With more than a billion Swedish crowns collected, Karolinska Institutet is well prepared to work for continued medical breakthrough aimed at finding new methods of treatment and care within a wide range of research areas.

Karolinska Institutet whishes to once again say a big and heartfelt thank you to all the generous contributors who helped us to create ideal conditions for new medical breakthroughs. A small part of our gratitude is depicted in the unveiling of a donation wall at KI Campus Solna.

Campaign committee

The fundraising campaign 'Breakthrough for Life' was led by President Harriet Wallberg-Henriksson, with the support of a campaign committee chaired by Princess Christina, Mrs Magnuson.

Committee members

  • Princess Christina, Mrs Magnuson
  • Claes Ekström
  • Peje Emilsson
  • Robert af Jochnick
  • Håkan Mogren
  • Madeleine Olsson Eriksson
  • Barbro Osher
  • Stefan Persson
  • Sven H. Salén
  • Bengt Samuelsson
  • Peter Thelin
  • Torgny Wännström
  • Håkan Åström