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Role description and delegation for the environmental and sustainability representatives

The Vice-Chancellor’s decision-making procedures and delegation rules for Karolinska Institutet state that heads of department have responsibility for all the activities of their departments, which includes the environmental and sustainability efforts.

To assist them in this, the head of department should, in accordance with “Annex delegation rules: Instructions and templates for departments” and KI’s environmental and sustainability management system, appoint one or more representative(s) for matters relating to environment and sustainability at their department.

One or more persons at each department should be appointed by the head of department (prefekt) in a written delegation. The work can be organized/divided/distributed depending on local conditions. The environmental and sustainability representative is the link between the department and KI’s environmental coordinator and will also be part of a local KI network with the aim to exchange experiences and ideas in the field of environment and sustainable development.

For role description and delegation form for environmental and sustainable development representatives, see under “Documents”.



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