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KI and National Technological University

Karolinska Institute and Nanyang Technological University have established a joint doctoral programme.

The programme will lead to doctoral degrees both from KI and Nanyang Technological University. The first admitting university, either KI or NTU (NTU) will be identified as the student´ s home university, but students will register at both universities according to each university's admission process. The students´ research projects are performed as collaborative projects between KI and NTU with supervisors at both universities.


Students fulfilling the criteria of admission of both universities, can apply for admission to both universities, and finally apply for a double degree. Decision about admission to each university is handled by KI and NTU respectively, according to each university's admission processes.
At NTU, the joint doctoral programme with Karolinska Institutet is administered through School of Biological Sciences,

Incoming Students to KI

Courses at KI

As a PhD student you need to attain a certain number of course credits. As most courses have a limited number of places, remember to apply in time for a course. The department giving the course is responsible for entering credit points in LADOK. Each department has a LADOK administrator. (LADOK is a national system to document presence and results of students in higher education.)

External courses

External courses might be considered for course credits at KI. Please contact the study director (studierektor) at KI department. The director decides what courses can be considered equivalent to courses accepted at KI, and will in turn give the information to the LADOK administrator at the department.


Incoming students should apply for housing as early as possible. Contact Karolinska Institutet Housing for more information.