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Karolinska Institutet as referral body

Karolinska Institutet responds to referrals in the form of reports, written communication, etc. The government appoints investigative committees on many issues, the conclusions and proposals of which are presented in a report, generally published under the SOU (Government Official Report) designation.

A proposal can also be prepared by a department, in which case it is normally published as a report under the Ds (Departmental series) designation. Reports drafted by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education can also be the object of a referral.

Before the government takes a decision on such a proposal, it is sent for consideration to the relevant authorities, organisations and councils. If the majority of referral bodies are oposed, the decision can be to not take the matter further or to try to find other solutions than those proposed in the report.

KI's referral procedures

In its capacity as a government authority, KI is called upon, in certain cases, to comment on a submitted report. In other cases, KI is able to state its opinions.

In general, reports circulated for comment are given to one or more of KIs three boards, or to an administrative officer, for the drafting of a proposed statement. The boards appoint committees accordingly, often including members from outside with the relevent subject knowledge. The boards take a decision on the committee´s proposed statement, which is then sent, subject to the decision of the KI president, to the referring body: a department, the National Agency for Higher Education, or other.