Invitation to nominate for the 2022 award for the promotion of culture and science at KI (Dnr 2-1282 / 2022)

The interplay between science and culture in various forms is very central to a university. Cultural, as well as interprofessional and interdisciplinary activities bring students and staff together, and contribute to "we-feeling" and broader perspectives. Medical science as well as Medicine attributes its roots to both the humanities and the natural sciences.

KI strives to integrate science with culture in order to enrich it's activities and businesses, and to strengthen KI's significance for societal development (see KI vision Strategy 2030). KI has a responsibility to act as a driving force for the dissemination of and dialogue about knowledge in society.

In this spirit, KI's Cultural Council recognizes one or more persons at KI, whose valuable efforts have promoted the meeting between culture and science, both in the cultural sphere at KI and/or in its interaction with society, including education and/or research.

The award can be given to a student, teacher, researcher or other person employed at or affiliated with KI, or to an alumni or an organization affiliated with KI. All employees, affiliates, students and alumni at KI are invited to nominate candidates with a short motivation. The recipient is appointed by KI's Cultural Council. Therefore, members of the Cultural Council cannot be appointed as recipients.

The award consists of an original work of art and a diploma. This year's "KI Culture Prize" is awarded by the Vice-Chancellor in connection with KI's recurring Culture Day or a corresponding solemn occasion.

Nominations are sent to the Registrar (, enter registration number 2-1282 / 2022. The nomination must contain a short motivation of no more than half an A4 page and must be received no later than May 18.