Invitation to nominate candidates for the award for the promotion of science and culture at Karolinska Institutet 2021 (Dnr 2-4165/2021)

The interaction between science and culture in various forms is central part of a University. Cultural as well as inter professional and interdisciplinary activities bring students and employees together, widen perspectives and help contribute to a united culture. The very roots of medical science and practices lie in the humanities and natural sciences.

KI strives to integrate science and culture to enrich its own activities and strengthen it's roll in societal development (see KI's vision and strategy 2030). KI has a responsibility to be the driving force behind the spread of knowledge and dialogue to society in general.

In this context, The Advisory Board for Culture (Kulturrådet) at KI would like to aknowledge those who have made a valuable contribution towards the promotion of science and culture at Karolinska Institutet and/or society in general, within the fields of education and/or research.

The award can be given to a student, teacher, researcher or any other employee or associated employee at Karolinska Institutet. All employees, affiliated employees, students and alumni at KI are encouraged to nominate candidates, together with a short motivational text. The recipient will be nominated by The Advisory Board for Culture (Kulturrådet). Members of The Advisory Board for Culture (Kulturrådet) cannot be nominated.

The award consists of a small original sculpture and diploma, uniquely designed by an artist. This years cultural prize will be handed out at this year's KI Culture Day on November 10th, or at a similar ceremony.

Please send your nominations before October 17th to the KI Registrator (, Nobelsväg 5, 17177 Stockholm). Your nomination should include a short motivational text (max half an A4 page). Please state the reference number Dnr  2-4165/2021 with your nomination. For further information contact the the advisory board for culture's secretary