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Internal environmental audits at KI 2018

This year's internal environmental audits at KI run mainly week 48. The departments MTC, MBB, CMB, IMM, KM and FM in Biomedicum are being revised. In addition, parts of the Central Administration are being revised. A notice has been sent to those to be revised.

In order to have a systematic environmental and sustainability work, KI strive to build a management system for environment and sustainable development that is certifiable according to the international standard ISO 14001.

As part of this work, internal environmental audits are performed, to check that we follow KI's environmental and sustainability guidelines, and that we follow procedures, applicable legal requirements and the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard.

The internal environmental audits can be seen as a tool to identify areas of improvement in environmental and sustainability efforts and help KI to prepare for a possible future external audit. KI is also required by law to perform internal environmental audits annually.

Three year period

KI's entire organization is to be audited over a three year period, which means that each department is visited by the internal environmental auditor at least every three years. In this year's internal environmental audit, the following departments are being revised: MTC, MBB, CMB, IMM, KM and FM in Biomedicum. In addition, parts of the Central Administration are being revised.

Audit meeting

Due to the ongoing reorganization at KI, we have chosen to set up the internal environmental audits as follows this year: The audit will consist of a meeting with the department management and the departmental environmental and sustainability representative. We will use the results of the inspections carried out at the KI laboratories during the autumn for the departments to be revised, to streamline the audit process and reduce the time required.

KI has hired consultants from Envima to perform this year's internal environmental audits.

Audit report

After completion of the internal audit, the auditors compile an audit report with any occurring deviations. The departments that have been audited shall, for any discrepancies, establish an action plan and rectify these according to KI's routine for internal environmental audits.


If you have any questions about the internal environmental audits, please contact KI's environmental coordinator Ann Rämme Strömberg, e-mail:


Ann Rämme Strömberg

Telefon: 08-524 862 41
Enhet: Miljö och säkerhet