Healthcare Management and Innovation, September 9th, 2020

Healthcare Management and Innovation - COVID-19: Leveraging the Pandemic for Sustained Change

Program Moderators - Mayo Clinic (MC), Karolinska Institutet (KI), Karolinska University Hospital (K)

Sandra Booth (MC), Sean Clark (MC), Nneka Comfere, M.D. (MC), Carmen Kane (MC), Diane Klein (MC), Allison Matthews (MC), Pamela Mazzocato, Ph.D. (KI), Erika Nydahl (K), Annika Thoresson (K) and Anna Thies (K)

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Nursing Science
Stockholm Rochester Session Moderators
15:30 8:30 Welcome and Introductions: Day One: How We are Working Now Nneka Comfere, M.D., Mayo Clinic (MC) and Pamela Mazzocato, Ph.D., Karolinska Institutet (KI)
15:40 8:40 Biggest Changes at Mayo Clinic
COVID-19: A Catalyst for Innovation in Virtual Care
Conor Loftus, M.D.
Slido #HMI1
Nneka Comfere, M.D., (MC)
16:00 9:00 Biggest Changes at Karolinska University Hospital
The Operational Handling of a Pandemic and our Road Back Towards a New Normal
Kalle Conneryd Lundgren, M.D., Ph.D., COO (K)
Slido #HMI2
Pamela Mazzocato (KI)
16:20 9:20 Break Ravi Kumar (KI)
16:25 9:25 Share your Hopes and Fears
Slido #HMI3:15 minute discussion
Diane Klein (MC), Allison Matthews (MC), Anna Thies, (KI) and Erika Nydahl (K)
16:40 9:40 Lessons Learned about Working Differently (Mayo)
Reflecting on Practice Changes Caused by the Pandemic
Chris Wittich, M.D. (MC) and LeAnn Johnson, R.N.(MC)
Slido #HMI4
Diane Klein (MC), Allison Matthews (MC)
17:00 10:00 Lessons Learned about Working Differently (KI/K)
Leading in the Midst of the Pandemic: Learnings for Future Leadership
Sara Schulz, R.N. andSara Lei, M.D., Ph.D. (K)
Slido #HMI5
Erika Nydahl (K)
17:20 10:20 Summary of the Day/ Discussion Plan for Tomorrow
In preparation for tomorrow:
Thinking about challenges and opportunities brought on by COVID-19, identify one of the following:
A change in the practice, or a practice you are collaborating with
A change in your work
Research projects that you are aware of that are leveraging the challenges or opportunities brought on by COVID-19
Action:Jot down 1-2 sentences to share about this work or research and how it may evolve
Slido #HMI6
Pamela Mazzocato (KI)
17:30 10:30 Transition/Break
17:35 10.35 Zoom Fika
Room 1: Learnings on Leadership: What to Keep and How to Do It?
Moderators: Nneka Comfere, M.D. (MC) and Pamela Mazzocato, Ph.D. (KI)
Room 2: eHealth During COVID-19: What to Keep and How to Do It?
Moderators: Diane Klein (MC), Allison Matthews (MC) and Annika Thoresson (K)
18:05 11:05 Transition to Plenary Session

Networking and Posters