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Karolinska Institutet and University of Helsinki (Finland) entered into an agreement about short term exchange for doctoral students in 2013. The duration of the short term exchange of doctoral students has to be at least a month.

Doctoral students who are interested in short term exchange are responsible for finding a host research group at the partner university, with the approval of the supervisor.

Criteria for short term exchange

  • The doctoral students have to be formally admitted to doctoral education at the home university
  • Exchange is only allowed within the framework of ongoing research collaboration between KI and University of Helsinki
  • The stay at the partner university has to last at least a month.

It is possible but not mandatory to appoint a co-supervisor from the partner university.

The doctoral students may include a word about the collaboration on the back inside cover of the printed thesis but no logos can be used.

After a completed exchange period the doctoral students get a letter of recommendation. If the doctoral student have a co-supervisor at the partner university, the co-supervisor is responsible for writing the letter of recommendation. Otherwise it will be the research group leader of the host research group who is responsible for writing the letter of recommendation.

The doctoral students also receive a certificate that he or she has been a student within the short term exchange program between KI and University of Helsinki. At KI it is issued by the host department and at University of Helsinki it is issued by the Student Services.


Incoming short-term doctoral exchange students should apply for housing as early as possible. Please contact Karolinska Institutet Housing for more information. 


International coordinator

Johanna Ackemar

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 867 89
Organizational unit: Faculty Office and External Relations

Planning officer

Sari Salmisuo

Phone: +358 9 191 26637

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