Faculty Funded Career Positions

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Karolinska Institutet launches an investent programme to recruit leading junior researchers with particularly outstanding scientific merits and future potential. 

All researchers in receipt of these strategic funds are expected to work as research group leaders. The investments are being made in medical science for both pre-clinical and clinical research and include:

  • Up to 12 positions as assistant professor (four years)
  • Up to eight positions as senior researcher (extensions of existing assistant professorships at KI, two years financing)
  • Up to eight positions as senior researcher (five years financing). 

The appointments are financed by KI’s Board of Research.

Application deadline for 2018 announcement has passed.

Right now 

The Board of Research made their decision 8 November  2018. Awarded applicants have been informed. 

Awarded funding 2018.

Interviews have been conducted

Number of interviews:
For Assistant professor: 21
For Senior Researcher 5 years: 17

Number of applicants:
Assistant professor - 187 
Senior Researcher 2 years - 25
Senior Researcher 5 years - 88

Number of applicants found not eligible (concerned applicants have been informed)
Assistant professor - 6
Senior Researcher 5 years - 4

Read more about the positions

Assistant professor

Senior Researcher (2 years financing)

Senior Researcher (5 years financing)

Questions about the announcement?

Academic Appointments Unit 
e-mail: academic-appointments@ki.se