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Chronicle: Rune Fransson on the development at the Solna Campus

Rune Fransson, director of innovation and infrastructure at Karolinska Institutet.

Attractive research environments for an expanding university

Karolinska Institutet is a central part of the life-science cluster that is now growing around the new university hospital in Solna. This is why we're investing in new buildings now, as its a natural part of the expansion of the emerging Hagastaden district.

One of the reasons why we're doing this is that many of the building we currently occupy are old and outdated. We're also outgrowing them and we simply need more space. We also want to get closer to the university hospital in order to promote translational research.

Rune Fransson. Another objective is to gather similar activities under one roof so that we can work together and share costly research equipment. This will also encourage spontaneous interaction between researchers from different fields, which doesn't happen when everyone sits in different buildings, as is the case today. The new buildings will also give us more functional premises for experimental research and thus raise the quality of our research infrastructure. And getting even more attractive research environments certainly doesn't harm our recruitment potential.

Having the new, large buildings located along the Solnavägen main road will also make the university more visible to passers-by. We operate at the hub of society and work with many different actors, so we have to be visible and accessible to both the general public and prospective students. To attract students and researchers, we're also developing the learning environments and the inner campus, turning it into a pleasant, leafy and pedestrian-friendly place to walk around in.