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Chronicle: Märit Johansson about Gamma

Märit Johansson, CEO of Karolinska Institutet Science Park (KISP), which will be moving into Gamma.

New ideas are hatched in the meeting of great minds

Märit JohanssonGathering Karolinska Institutet's entire innovation system into one building is a very positive change. The companies will be located along the outer edges of the structures, while their inner part will consist of an open forum for spontaneous meetings. This means that we'll be able to work more closely with each other and make optimal use of our specific knowledge and financial resources.

On the ground floor there'll be a conference centre and a showroom where we can exhibit innovations and products produced at Karolinska Institutet, and where our companies can also profile themselves.

Everyone working in the building will enter through the same entrance, which means that everyone will pass through the atrium to get to their offices. The atrium, which will also house a café, will provide yet another place for the employees and visitors of Karolinska Institutet Science Park to meet.

All told, there'll be about 800 talented people working at Karolinska Institutet Science Park, and it's in the meeting of these great minds that new ideas will be hatched. Hopefully, larger biotech and drugs companies will eventually move in here, so that they can take over the projects from the small companies and bring them to the market.