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Chronicle: Christer Höög on Biomedicum

Christer Höög, head of the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB), one of the departments that will be moving in to Biomedicum.

Interaction benefits research

Christer Höög

“The idea of gathering all experimental research under one and the same roof, as will be the case at Biomedicum, was born only a few years ago, and it has moved quickly from vision to reality. It is a great step for the research at the university to have all the departments, which are currently spread out over up to ten different buildings around Campus Solna, to be tied to each other physically. It facilitates interaction between researchers from different departments, and generates opportunities for dynamic and continuous changes in the group compositions. If, for example, a researcher changes subjects, it is easy to relocate within the building. This fosters a very creative atmosphere. It will also be easier to interact with the clinics, thanks to the proximity of Karolinska University Hospital. This will promote our basic research as well as our translational research. In practical terms, we will be able to share research infrastructure more efficiently than today. Much of the equipment we use is expensive, and handling it requires special training, so in order for this equipment to pay off, many people must have access to it. These premises are more expensive, but since we can increase productivity by utilising our laboratories more efficiently and sharing the equipment,
we will require fewer square metres. We will also be able to streamline the administration, since one and the same unit can support all the departments in the building. Our goal is for Biomedicum to promote a deepened and improved research, so that we can become even more successful internationally.”