Biomedicum – a laboratory of the future

Forskningshuset Biomedicum i Solna, foto: Stefan Zimmerman.

In Biomedicum, a large part of the experimental research at Karolinska Institutet's campus Solna has been collected under a roof in an advanced research environment that promotes collaboration and research across scientific boundaries.

Limitless research

The aim of Biomedicum is to collect a large part of the experimental research carried out at Karolinska Institutet's Solna Campus under one roof, in an advanced research environment that promotes interdisciplinary cooperation and research.

Experimental research at Karolinska Institutet grows and the need for more advanced laboratories and modern facilities at Campus Solna is great. Karolinska Institutet has therefore built Biomedicum, a new building for experimental research across disciplinary boundaries and for cooperation with clinical research. Everything aims at facilitating the transition from basic research to clinical studies, thereby promoting practical application. With its 65,000 square meters of biomedicine, Biomedicum is one of Europe's largest laboratories.

Cutting-edge laboratory

Biomedicum is equipped with shared infrastructure, which means that advanced technology platforms and expensive equipment can be utilised by more people, and that research groups can collaborate to achieve results. The laboratory buildning is one of the most modern in Europe, and is intended to attract researchers from all over the world.

Designed for interaction

C. F. Moller Architects has designed the building with the goal of creating a work environment with many natural meeting places and opportunities for cooperation and for the exchange of ideas and experiences. The laboratory, which is built between Aula Medica and the Widerström building, has a direct link to BioClinicum, the clinical research environment at Karolinska University Hospital at the other side of the Solnavägen road. Biomedicine will accommodate approximately 1600 researchers and other staff. By bringing the scientific activities into separate disciplines together under one roof, the research lab provides new opportunities for crossover research. There are also a number of meeting nodes and a core of common facilities that make it possible to utilize more expensive equipment more efficiently. The design has enabled flexible, accessible and functional working environments in a natural meeting place in the form of a large central atrium.

Biomedicum view. Photo: Patrick Engeler.

Five departments

The departments in Biomedicum are:

World class research

Biomedicum is located on the eastern edge of the Solna Campus, between Aula Medica and the Widerstrom Building, across from the new university hospital on the other side of Solnavägen.

The aim is to enhance conditions for world class research at one of the world's foremost medical universities. The Biomedicum project will also contribute to the development of Stockholm Life as one of the world's leading life science regions.

Biomedicum film


Brief facts about Biomedicum

  • Start of construction: 2013
  • Move-in date: During 2018
  • Activity: Experimental research in an advanced laboratory environment
  • Location: In the eastern part of the Solna Campus along Solnavägen, between the lecture hall complex and the Widerström Building
  • Number of workspaces: Approximately 1,600 places for researchers and other staff
  • Property company: Akademiska Hus
  • Architect: C.F. Møller Architects
  • Interior Architect: Nyréns Arkitektkontor
  • Floor space: Approximately 65,000 sq. m.
  • Awarded the Swedish Building of the Year in 2019. Read more at KI News (in Swedish)

For those already working in Biomedicum

Biomedicum provides opportunities for crossover research and have space for approximately 1,600 scientists and support staff.

Biomedicum – shared facilities, processes and routines