The University Library (KIB)

The University Library at Karolinska Institutet (KIB) is a university-wide function that serves under KI’s president, as can be seen in KI’s organisational plan.


We are working for a future where constant and open access to information promotes the development of sustainable, equal and ground-breaking knowledge.

Mission of the library

Based on the overarching objectives and core values of KI, mission of the University Library is to provide KI with the best possible foundation for conducting world-class research and education. In order to achieve these goals, the University Library:

  • is responsible for providing scientific information and promoting open publication

  • contributes to the openness and permanent availability of research conducted at the university

  • supports scholarly communication,

  • strengthens information literacy skills, such as the ability to search for, evaluate and use information

  • enables meetings across subject areas and organisational boundaries.

Library Director

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Miriam Nauri

Chief Librarian

The Library Advisory Board

The university library has an advisory board with members appointed by the president of KI. The board's task is to guide the direction of the library and to participate in the preparation of the library's internal budget allocation and budget requests.

The Library Advisory Board consists of the following members:

  • Martin Bergö, Chair
  • Miriam Nauri, Library Director
  • Susanne Gabrielsson, Committee for Research
  • Rune Brautaset, Committee for Undergraduate and Advanced Education
  • Andreas Lundqvist, Committee for Postgraduate Education
  • Maria Watter, Head of the Pedagogical Unit for Teaching and Learning (UoL)
  • Ann-Sofie Axelsson, external representative, Library Director and Head of Department, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Ida Fagerlund, student representative, Medicinska Föreningen (student union)
  • Carl-Oscar Östman, student representative, Medicinska Föreningen (student union)
  • Firas Ammar, student representative, Odontologiska Föreningen (student union)

The Advisory Board meets four times a year.

Our activities

Departments and units

The library has about 90 employees, divided into three departments and seven units, lead by heads of departments and units, respective.

Department: User Support and Teaching

The department enables core activities at KI by:

  • offering and developing services and learning environments with a clear user focus

  • assisting students, doctoral students and researchers with adaptive, student-centered teaching and consultation

  • developing the library’s internal and external communication.

This department includes the units

  • Information Literacy
  • Communication
  • Printed Collections and Library Support

Head of Department

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Petra Wallgren Björk

Head of Office

Department: Infrastructure for Research Information

The department of Infrastructure for Research Information promotes KI's core activities by:

  • assisting in the scientific publishing process

  • making scientific information available

  • developing and offering accessible and adaptive services and systems

  • collecting and analysing KI's intellectual output

The department includes the units

  • Information Resources and Publication Support
  • Metadata for Scientific Output
  • System Development and Methodology.

Head of Department

Department: Operational Support

The department provides effective and professional organisational support to the library's core functions and its management team. The department also acts as part of KI's operational support and has an overarching mission towards KI.

The department provides support in the following areas:

  • business planning and monitoring
  • collaboration and working environment
  • finance, HR and day-to-day administration
  • technology support, student IT and digital examination support
  • image production
  • premises and office services

The department includes the units of

  • Technical Support and Image Production
  • HR and Finance
  • Property Management

Head of Department

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Marie Ols

Head of Administration
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