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Erik Benson



Computer-Aided Production of Scaffolded DNA Nanostructures from Flat Sheet Meshes
Benson E, Mohammed A, Bosco A, Teixeira Ai, Orponen P, Högberg B
Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English) 2016;55(31):8869-72

DNA rendering of polyhedral meshes at the nanoscale
Benson E, Mohammed A, Gardell J, Masich S, Czeizler E, Orponen P, et al
Nature 2015;523(7561):441-4

Purification of functionalized DNA origami nanostructures
Shaw A, Benson E, Högberg B
ACS nano 2015;9(5):4968-75

Spatial control of membrane receptor function using ligand nanocalipers
Shaw A, Lundin V, Petrova E, Fördős F, Benson E, Al-amin A, et al
Nature methods 2014;11(8):841-6

DNA origami delivery system for cancer therapy with tunable release properties
Zhao Yx, Shaw A, Zeng X, Benson E, Nyström Am, Högberg B
ACS nano 2012;6(10):8684-91