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The vast majority of people in Sweden who are over 18 years of age has the potential to become donors of blood, organs or tissue. As a donor, you help to save the lives and health of others or contribute to medical education and research.

Blood donation

Sweden is self-sufficient in blood products, and new blood donors are always welcome. To become a blood donor in Sweden you must be able to speak, read and understand Swedish. You must also have a Swedish personal identity number, an approved ID document and be a healthy person between the ages of 18-60.

Blood donation

Donation of blood-forming stem cells

Some 700 stem cell transplantations have been performed thanks to the Tobias Registry, giving all these gravely ill patients with for example leukemia the chance to live. The Tobias Registry lists about 40,000 individuals who have registered as potential donors. The Tobias Registry is one of many registries participating in a worldwide collaboration. More than twenty million tissue typed / HLA typed individuals are listed in these registries all together.

Tobias Registry

Organ donation

More than 700 Swedes got a new organ last year. According to a survey made by Socialstyrelsen in 2010, eight out of ten citizens are willing to donate their organs and tissues after their death. But the need for organs and tissues is vastly greater than the number available for transplantation. 

Registe​r in the National Donor Register (a Swedish personal identification number is needed), fill out a donor card and/or talk to your family about your wishes. Always make your wishes known to your family.

Organ donation

The Brain Bank at Karolinska Institutet

Many have heard about organ donation for transplantation but less is known of the need for tissue from the brain and spinal cord for research purposes. The type of tissue donation unrelated to transplantation is not covered by the national donation program, and a separate registration at the Brain Bank at Karolinska Institutet is required for research.

Everyone who wants to support research by donating tissue can become a donor at the Brain Bank. Persons who wish to contribute to neuroscience can, after having given an informed consent, donate his / her brain and spinal cord for clinical diagnostics and research. The Brain Bank provides information booklets and consent forms.

The Brain Bank is a center for clinical and experimental neuropathology with the aim to facilitate studies on the development, aging and diseases of the human central nervous system.

The Brain Bank at Karolinska Institutet

Whole body donation

There is a possibility to donate one's body or the purpose of medical and anatomical education and research. To be able to donate, you must during your lifetime sign a special agreement with Karolinska Institutet or another another medical university in Sweden about your wish.

If you want to donate your body to Karolinska Institutet's medical and anatomical education and research, please contact Kristina Johnson at IGNIS phone +46 (0)8-524 878 95.

Responsible for the donation program is Stefan Plantman at the Department of Neuroscience.

Human subject research