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About me




2005-2009       Ph.D. Human and Molecular Genetics, Quantitative track

                         Advisor:  Kenneth S. Kendler, M.D.

                         Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

2001-2004       M.S. Neuroscience

                         Advisor:  David A. Lewis, M.D.

                         University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

1996-2000       B.A. Neuroscience, Psychology  minor: Biology

                         Macalester College, St. Paul, MN

Research description

I conduct quantitative genetics research focusing on schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. My current projects include GWAS and CNV studies of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder to better understand the genetic contribution to disease risk, biomarkers associated with these disorders, and the observed variability within patient groups. I also have a keen interest in developing ways of subtyping schizophrenia patients to better understand the heterogeneous etiological pathways that give rise to this disorder. My strong foundation in neuroscience offers added biological context to the results from genetic research studies. Ultimately, I hope my research will contribute to improved treatment and prevention strategies for serious, chronic mental illnesses.

Academic honors, awards and prizes

2011 Early Career Investigator Program Finalist,
         XIX World Congress in Psychiatric Genetics

2008 Best Poster Presentation Award,
         XVI World Congress in Psychiatric Genetics

2008 Roscoe D. Hughes award for excellence in research  

         & scholarship, Virginia Commonwealth University

2005-2009 Human Genetics Departmental Excellence Award
          Virginia Commonwealth University
1996-2000 DeWitt Wallace Distinguished Scholarship, Macalester College
1996 National Merit Finalist


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