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Communication and protocol compliance and their relation to the quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR): A mixed-methods study of simulated telephone-assisted CPR
Nord-ljungquist H, Brännström M, Bohm K
International emergency nursing 2015;23(3):254-9

Descriptions and presentations of sepsis - A qualitative content analysis of emergency calls
Bohm K, Kurland L, Bartholdson S, Castrèn M
International emergency nursing 2015;23(4):294-8

Factors facilitating or hampering nurses identification of stroke in emergency calls
Berglund A, Heikkilä K, Bohm K, Schenck-gustafsson K, Von Euler M
Journal of advanced nursing 2015;71(11):2609-21

Identification of stroke during the emergency call: a descriptive study of callers' presentation of stroke
Berglund A, Von Euler M, Schenck-gustafsson K, Castrén M, Bohm K
BMJ open 2015;5(4):e007661-

Prehospital care in Sweden. From a transport organization to advanced healthcare
Lindstrom V, Bohm K, Kurland L
NOTFALL & RETTUNGSMEDIZIN 2015;18(2):107-109

Barriers and opportunities in assessing calls to emergency medical communication centre - a qualitative study
Lindstrom V, Heikkila K, Bohm K, Castren M, Falk Ac

Emergency medical dispatch. With increasing research it is important to unify the reporting
Bohm K, Castrén M
Resuscitation 2014;85(1):3-4

The journey between ideal and real: Experiences of beginners psychiatric nurses
Khankeh H, Khorasani-zavareh D, Hoseini Sa, Khodai-ardekandi Mr, Ekman Sl, Bohm K, et al
Iranian journal of nursing and midwifery research 2014;19(4):396-403

Chest Compression Alone Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Is Associated With Better Long-Term Survival Compared with Standard Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Dumas F, Rea Td, Fahrenbruch C, Rosenqvist M, Faxen J, Svensson L, et al
CIRCULATION 2013;127(4):435-41

Perceptions of transmission of body weight and telemonitoring in patients with heart failure?
Lyngå P, Fridlund B, Langius-eklöf A, Bohm K
International journal of qualitative studies on health and well-being 2013;8():21524-

The inaugural European emergency medical dispatch conference - a synopsis of proceedings
Lyon Rm, Bohm K, Christensen Ef, Olasveengen Tm, Castren M

Reply to Letter: Creation of a minimal data set for dispatching
Castren M, Bohm K
RESUSCITATION 2012;83(6):E139-E139

In out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients, does the description of any specific symptoms to the emergency medical dispatcher improve the accuracy of the diagnosis of cardiac arrest: A systematic review of the literature
Vaillancourt C, Charette Ml, Bohm K, Dunford J, Castren M
RESUSCITATION 2011;82(12):1483-9

In patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, does the provision of dispatch cardiopulmonary resuscitation instructions as opposed to no instructions improve outcome: A systematic review of the literature
Bohm K, Vaillancourt C, Charette Ml, Dunford J, Castren M
RESUSCITATION 2011;82(12):1490-5

Reporting of data from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest has to involve emergency medical dispatching-Taking the recommendations on reporting OHCA the Utstein style a step further
Castren M, Bohm K, Kvam Am, Bovim E, Christensene Ef, Steen-hansen Je, et al
RESUSCITATION 2011;82(12):1496-500

Compression-Only CPR or Standard CPR in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest.
Svensson L, Bohm K, Castren M, Pettersson H, Engerstrom L, Herlitz J, et al

Dual dispatch early defibrillation in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: the SALSA-pilot dagger
Hollenberg J, Riva G, Bohm K, Nordberg P, Larsen R, Herlitz J, et al
EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL 2009;30(14):1781-9

Tuition of emergency medical dispatchers in the recognition of agonal respiration increases the use of telephone assisted CPR
Bohm K, Stalhandske B, Rosenqvist M, Ulfvarson J, Hollenberg J, Svensson L
RESUSCITATION 2009;80(9):1025-8

Improved survival after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is associated with an increase in proportion of emergency crew-witnessed cases and bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Hollenberg J, Herlitz J, Lindqvist J, Riva G, Bohm K, Rosenqvist M, et al
CIRCULATION 2008;118(4):389-96

An evaluation of post-resuscitation care as a possible explanation of a difference in survival after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
Hollenberg J, Lindqvist J, Ringh M, Engdahl J, Bohm K, Rosenqvist M, et al
RESUSCITATION 2007;74(2):242-52

Dispatcher-assisted telephone-guided cardiopulmonary resuscitation: an underused lifesaving system
Bohm K, Rosenqvist M, Hollenberga J, Biber B, Engerstrom L, Svensson L

Survival is similar after standard treatment and chest compression only in out-of-hospital bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Bohm K, Rosenqvist M, Herlitz J, Hollenberg J, Svensson L
CIRCULATION 2007;116(25):2908-12

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