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About me

I have come from Bathurst, Australia to do a post-doc fellowship with Catarina Amlqvist at the MEB, Karolinska Institute. I have a Marie Curie COFAS FORTE Incoming Post-doc Fellowship. My field of interest is paediatic and respiratory epidemiology. I have also done research on the health and wellbeing of farmers (Australian).


PhD (Sydney University, 2014)

MPH (Sydney University, 2004)

B Med Sci Hons (Sydney University, 1994)

Dip Ed (Macquarie University, 1997)


Research description

The title of my project is 'The Role of Maternal and Child distress in Asthma and topic diseases'. This will involve using registery and twin registery data and applying epidemiological techniques. I am also hoping to look at the association between asthma and atopic disease in children on their academic performance.

Teaching portfolio

Senior Lecturer (University of Western Sydney, 2015)

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