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Self-reported sleep lengths ≥ 9 hours among Swedish patients with stress-related exhaustion: Associations with depression, quality of sleep and levels of fatigue
Grossi G, Jeding K, Söderström M, Osika W, Levander M, Perski A
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Stress resilience in adolescence and subsequent antidepressant and anxiolytic medication in middle aged men: Swedish cohort study
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Psychometric Properties of the Spanish Language Version of the Stress in Children Questionnaire (SiC)
Caqueo-urizar A, Urzua A, Osika W

The influence of work-related chronic stress on the regulation of emotion and on functional connectivity in the brain
Golkar A, Johansson E, Kasahara M, Osika W, Perski A, Savic I
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The Symptom Checklist-core depression (SCL-CD6) scale: psychometric properties of a brief six item scale for the assessment of depression
Magnusson Hanson Ll, Westerlund H, Leineweber C, Rugulies R, Osika W, Theorell T, et al
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Increased Rate of Arterial Stiffening with Obesity in Adolescents: A Five-Year Follow-Up Study
Dangardt F, Chen Y, Berggren K, Osika W, Friberg P
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Is cultural activity at work related to mental health in employees?
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Mortality following unemployment during an economic downturn: Swedish register-based cohort study
Montgomery S, Udumyan R, Magnuson A, Osika W, Sundin Po, Blane D
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Age- and sex-related differences in vascular function and vascular response to mental stress Longitudinal and cross-sectional studies in a cohort of healthy children and adolescents
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Laterality, hand control and scholastic performance: a British birth cohort study
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Possibilities and limitations of the Polar RS800 in measuring heart rate variability at rest
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Self-perceived psychosomatic health in Swedish children, adolescents and young adults: an internet-based survey over time
Friberg P, Hagquist C, Osika W
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Anger, depression and anxiety associated with endothelial function in childhood and adolescence
Osika W, Montgomery Sm, Dangardt F, Wahrborg P, Gan Lm, Tideman E, et al

Reduced cardiac vagal activity in obese children and adolescents
Dangardt F, Volkmann R, Chen Y, Osika W, Marild S, Friberg P

High levels of soluble intercellular adhesion molecule-1, insulin resistance and saturated fatty acids are associated with endothelial dysfunction in healthy adolescents
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Increased intima thickness of the radial artery in individuals with prehypertension and hypertension
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Increased intima thickness of the radial artery in patients with coronary heart disease
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Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation improves vascular function and reduces inflammation in obese adolescents
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Preference for full-fat over low-fat foods among individuals suffering from coronary heart disease and healthy controls
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Relationships Between Serum Fatty Acid Composition and Markers of Inflammation and Endothelial Function in Healthy Adolescents
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Economic disadvantage modifies the association of height with low mood in the US, 2004: The disappointment paradox
Osika W, Montgomery Sm
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Obese children show increased intimal wall thickness and decreased pulse wave velocity
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Physical control and coordination in childhood and adult obesity: longitudinal birth cohort study
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A new short self-rating questionnaire to assess stress in children
Osika W, Friberg P, Wahrborg P

Increasing peripheral artery intima thickness from childhood to seniority
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24-h systolic blood pressure and heart rate recordings in lean and obese adolescents
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Does height modify the risk of angina associated with economic adversity?
Osika W, Ehlin A, Montgomery Sm
ECONOMICS & HUMAN BIOLOGY 2006;4(3):398-411

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