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Nuno Leal


Postadress : Institutionen för Neurobiologi, Vårdvetenskap och Samhälle (NVS), H1, Sektionen för neurogeriatrik, Novum Pl 5 14157 Huddinge

Om mig

I started my studies at Karolinska Institutet as a Master student in 2013. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to stay and look for a PhD position. Right now I am on my second year of my PhD studies at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Science and Society (NVS) at the Center for Alzheimer Research.

Currently I am, as well, a member of the Student Council at NVS as a Deputy Chairman ( 


I am currently a PhD student working with Mitochondria-ER associated membranes (MAM). In our group we try to understand the role between this subcellular structure and Alzheimer's Disease (AD) - with special interest in Aβ production. We are interested as well in the relationship between MAM, Aβ production and autophagy. 


Mitofusin-2 knockdown increases ER-mitochondria contact and decreases amyloid β-peptide production
Leal Ns, Schreiner B, Pinho Cm, Filadi R, Wiehager B, Karlström H, et al
Journal of cellular and molecular medicine 2016;20(9):1686-95