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Kristina Ängeby Möller


Besöksadress : Von Eulers Väg 8 171 77 Stockholm
Postadress : Institutionen för fysiologi och farmakologi (FYFA), C3, Svensson Camilla grupp - Molekylär smärtforskning, 171 77 Stockholm
Leveransadress : Von Eulers Väg 8 171 77 Stockholm


Using gait analysis to assess weight bearing in rats with Freund׳s complete adjuvant-induced monoarthritis to improve predictivity: Interfering with the cyclooxygenase and nerve growth factor pathways
Ängeby Möller K, Berge Og, Finn A, Stenfors C, Svensson Ci
European journal of pharmacology 2015;756():75-84

Influence of model and matrix on cytokine profile in rat and human
Finn A, Angeby Möller K, Gustafsson C, Abdelmoaty S, Nordahl G, Ferm M, et al
Rheumatology (Oxford, England) 2014;53(12):2297-305

Gait analysis in rats with single joint inflammation: influence of experimental factors
Ängeby Möller K, Kinert S, Størkson R, Berge Og
PloS one 2012;7(10):e46129-

Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modeling of the Inhibitory Effects of Naproxen on the Time-Courses of Inflammatory Pain, Fever, and the Ex Vivo Synthesis of TXB2 and PGE(2) in Rats
Krekels Ehj, Angesjo M, Sjogren I, Moller Ka, Berge Og, Visser Sag

Using the CatWalk method to assess weight-bearing and pain behaviour in walking rats with ankle joint monoarthritis induced by carrageenan: effects of morphine and rofecoxib
Angeby-möller K, Berge Og, Hamers Fp
Journal of neuroscience methods 2008;174(1):1-9

Glutamate-induced currents reveal three functionally distinct NMDA receptor populations in rat dorsal horn - effects of peripheral nerve lesion and inflammation
Karlsson U, Sjödin J, Angeby Möller K, Johansson S, Wikström L, Näsström J
Neuroscience 2002;112(4):861-8

Assessing mechanical allodynia in the rat paw with a new electronic algometer
Moller Ka, Johansson B, Berge Og