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I am an early-career researcher specialising in a combination of molecular, life course and genetic epidemiology. I'm primarily interested in the aetiology of age-related chronic diseases, and investigating the molecular biology underlying the human ageing process.

I'm also interested in developing methods to improve epidemiological studies that aid causal inference, such as 'natural experiments' and 'Mendelian randomization'.


BSc First Class Honours in Biology, University of Leeds, UK, 2007
PhD in Molecular, Genetic and Life Course Epidemiology, University of Bristol, UK, 2013.


Current projects:

Investigating environmental risk factors affecting the aetiology of Parkinson's disease.
Examining the role of the hormone IGF1 in the determination of neurodegenerative, and other, health outcomes.
Assessing associations of molecular measures of ageing (including telomere length and DNA methylation) on the development of frailty and sarcopenia (muscle wastage).
A systematic review of 'natural experiment' studies that have addressed hypotheses regarding fetal programming of long-term health outcomes (review protocol registered in PROSPERO).

For a list of my academic publications, please visit my ResearchGate page:


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