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Association of Antidepressant Medication Use During Pregnancy With Intellectual Disability in Offspring
Viktorin A, Uher R, Kolevzon A, Reichenberg A, Levine Sz, Sandin S
JAMA psychiatry 2017;74(10):1031-1038

Clinical phenotypes of perinatal depression and time of symptom onset: analysis of data from an international consortium
Putnam Kt, Wilcox M, Robertson-blackmore E, Sharkey K, Bergink V, Munk-olsen T, et al
The lancet. Psychiatry 2017;4(6):477-485

Genome-wide Association for Major Depression Through Age at Onset Stratification: Major Depressive Disorder Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium
Power Ra, Tansey Ke, Buttenschøn Hn, Cohen-woods S, Bigdeli T, Hall Ls, et al
Biological psychiatry 2017;81(4):325-335

Longitudinal depression or anxiety in mothers and offspring asthma: a Swedish population-based study
Brew Bk, Lundholm C, Viktorin A, Lichtenstein P, Larsson H, Almqvist C
International journal of epidemiology 2017;():-

The impact of education, country, race and ethnicity on the self-report of postpartum depression using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale
Di Florio A, Putnam K, Altemus M, Apter G, Bergink V, Bilszta J, et al
Psychological medicine 2017;47(5):787-799

The Risk of Treatment-Emergent Mania With Methylphenidate in Bipolar Disorder
Viktorin A, Rydén E, Thase Me, Chang Z, Lundholm C, D'onofrio Bm, et al
The American journal of psychiatry 2017;174(4):341-348

Depression, anxiety, and antidepressant treatment in women: association with in vitro fertilization outcome
Cesta Ce, Viktorin A, Olsson H, Johansson V, Sjölander A, Bergh C, et al
Fertility and sterility 2016;105(6):1594-1602.e3

Heritability of Perinatal Depression and Genetic Overlap With Nonperinatal Depression
Viktorin A, Meltzer-brody S, Kuja-halkola R, Sullivan Pf, Landén M, Lichtenstein P, et al
The American journal of psychiatry 2016;173(2):158-65

Meta-analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies for Extraversion: Findings from the Genetics of Personality Consortium
Van Den Berg Sm, De Moor Mh, Verweij Kj, Krueger Rf, Luciano M, Arias Vasquez A, et al
Behavior genetics 2016;46(2):170-82

Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor use during pregnancy: association with offspring birth size and gestational age
Viktorin A, Lichtenstein P, Lundholm C, Almqvist C, D'onofrio Bm, Larsson H, et al
International journal of epidemiology 2016;45(1):170-7

Somatic, positive and negative domains of the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression (CES-D) scale: a meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies
Demirkan A, Lahti J, Direk N, Viktorin A, Lunetta Kl, Terracciano A, et al
Psychological medicine 2016;46(8):1613-23

Comparison of heritability of Cystatin C- and creatinine-based estimates of kidney function and their relation to heritability of cardiovascular disease
Arpegård J, Viktorin A, Chang Z, De Faire U, Magnusson Pk, Svensson P
Journal of the American Heart Association 2015;4(1):e001467-

Dominant Genetic Variation and Missing Heritability for Human Complex Traits: Insights from Twin versus Genome-wide Common SNP Models
Chen X, Kuja-halkola R, Rahman I, Arpegård J, Viktorin A, Karlsson R, et al
American journal of human genetics 2015;97(5):708-14

Genetic Differences in the Immediate Transcriptome Response to Stress Predict Risk-Related Brain Function and Psychiatric Disorders
Arloth J, Bogdan R, Weber P, Frishman G, Menke A, Wagner Kv, et al
Neuron 2015;86(5):1189-202

Heterogeneity of postpartum depression: a latent class analysis
Postpartum Depression Action, Putnam K, Robertson-blackmore E, Sharkey K, Payne J, Bergink V, et al
LANCET PSYCHIATRY 2015;2(1):59-67

Meta-analysis of Genome-wide Association Studies for Neuroticism, and the Polygenic Association With Major Depressive Disorder
Genetics Of Personality Consortium, De Moor Mh, Van Den Berg Sm, Verweij Kj, Krueger Rf, Luciano M, et al
JAMA psychiatry 2015;72(7):642-50

Response to Ostacher et al
Landén M, Viktorin A
The American journal of psychiatry 2015;172(6):586-7

Seasonality shows evidence for polygenic architecture and genetic correlation with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
Byrne Em, Psychiatric Genetics Consortium Major Depressive Disorder Working Group, Raheja Uk, Stephens Sh, Heath Ac, Madden Pa, et al
The Journal of clinical psychiatry 2015;76(2):128-34

The association between lower educational attainment and depression owing to shared genetic effects? Results in ~25,000 subjects
Peyrot Wj, Lee Sh, Milaneschi Y, Abdellaoui A, Byrne Em, Esko T, et al
Molecular psychiatry 2015;20(6):735-43

Applying polygenic risk scores to postpartum depression
Psychiat Genomic Consortium Major, Byrne Em, Carrillo-roa T, Penninx Bwjh, Sallis Hm, Viktorin A, et al

Behavioral effects of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder risk genes in healthy Swedish twins
Bergen S, Eriksson E, Viktorin A, Magnusson P, Lichtenstein P, Landen M
BEHAVIOR GENETICS 2014;44(6):648-648

Genome-wide association meta-analysis of human longevity identifies a novel locus conferring survival beyond 90 years of age
Deelen J, Beekman M, Uh Hw, Broer L, Ayers Kl, Tan Q, et al
Human molecular genetics 2014;23(16):4420-32

Harmonization of Neuroticism and Extraversion phenotypes across inventories and cohorts in the Genetics of Personality Consortium: an application of Item Response Theory
Van Den Berg Sm, De Moor Mhm, Mcgue M, Pettersson E, Terracciano A, Verweij Kjh, et al
BEHAVIOR GENETICS 2014;44(4):295-313

IgA measurements in over 12 000 Swedish twins reveal sex differential heritability and regulatory locus near CD30L
Viktorin A, Frankowiack M, Padyukov L, Chang Z, Melén E, Sääf A, et al
Human molecular genetics 2014;23(15):4177-84

The Risk of Switch to Mania in Patients With Bipolar Disorder During Treatment With an Antidepressant Alone and in Combination With a Mood Stabilizer
Viktorin A, Lichtenstein P, Thase Me, Larsson H, Lundholm C, Magnusson Pke, et al

A mega-analysis of genome-wide association studies for major depressive disorder
Major Depressive Disorder Working Group Of The Psychiatric Gwas Consortium, Ripke S, Wray Nr, Lewis Cm, Hamilton Sp, Weissman Mm, et al
Molecular psychiatry 2013;18(4):497-511

The Swedish Twin Registry: establishment of a biobank and other recent developments
Magnusson Pk, Almqvist C, Rahman I, Ganna A, Viktorin A, Walum H, et al
Twin research and human genetics : the official journal of the International Society for Twin Studies 2013;16(1):317-29

Geographic differences in genetic susceptibility to IgA nephropathy: GWAS replication study and geospatial risk analysis
Kiryluk K, Li Y, Sanna-cherchi S, Rohanizadegan M, Suzuki H, Eitner F, et al
PLoS genetics 2012;8(6):e1002765-

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