Researchers in Cell, Molecular and Structural Biology

Researcher Research area
Adnane Achour Molecular immunology
Göran Andersson Cell and molecular biology of osteoclasts and bone resorption
Pontus Aspenström Cell motility
Tomas Bergman Medical proteomics
Martin Bergö Molecular medicine
Hans-Erik Claesson Arachidonic acid metabolites
Bertil Daneholt Molecular genetics
Nico Dantuma Ubiquitin/proteasome system in neurodegenerative diseases and cancer
Mauro D'Amato Molecular genetics of gastrointestinal disease
Tomas Ekström Epigenetics
Karl Ekwall Epigenetics
Maria Eriksson Genetic mechanisms of ageing
Bertil Fredholm Molecular pharmacology
Jonas Fuxe Mechanisms of tissue remodeling in inflammation and cancer
Balázs Gulyás Nucleomedicine
Jesper Z. Haeggström Molecular eicosanoid research
Mats Hamberg Medical chemistry
Hans Hebert Structural biotechnology
Thomas Helleday Synthetic lethality
Arne Holmgren Biochemistry
Martin Hällberg Structural basis for modification of RNA
Johan Högberg Toxicology
Christer Höög Studies of mechanisms that contribute to chromosome instability
Hans Jacobsson Diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine
Randall S. Johnson Molecular biology and oxygen physiology
Luca Jovine Molecular basis of the beginning of life
Hans Jörnvall Medical and physiological chemistry
Juha Kere Molecular genetics
Nils-Göran Larsson Mitochondrial genetics
Janne Lehtiö Medical Proteomics
Arne Lindqvist Cell biology
Ylva Lindqvist Protein crystallography
Sten Linnarsson Molecular system biology
Lennart Nilsson Molecular modeling
Pär Nordlund Structural biology
Piergiorgio Percipalle Transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression
Teresa Pereira Regulation of HIF-1 alpha function
Katja Petzold Structural biology
Agneta Rannug Molecular work environment toxicology
Bo Rydqvist Mechanoreceptor physiology
Olle Sangfelt Role of E3 ligases in tumor development
Gunter Schneider Molecular structural biology
Herwig Schüler Structural biology
Gunnar Schulte Receptor biology and signaling
Thomas Sejersen Congenital neuromuscular diseases
Camilla Sjögren SMC complexes, chromosome dynamics and stability
Edvard Smith Gene therapy
Thierry Soussi p53 mutations heterogeneity in human tumours
Lena Ström Molecular and functional studies of Scc2 and Scc4 in DNA repair
Roger Strömberg Organic and bioorganic chemistry
Staffan Strömblad Cell biology of cancer
Torgny Svensson Neuropsychopharmacology
Peter Swoboda Model organism C. elegans
Lars Terenius Experimental addiction research
Eckardt Treuter Control of metabolism and inflammation by transcriptional coregulators
Per Uhlén Dynamic imaging of intracellular signalling
Örjan Wrange Chromatin, epigenetics and gene regulation
Anthony Wright Transcription factor Myc
Peter Zaphiropoulos Molecular biology
Roman Zubarev Medical proteomics
Cell and Molecular BiologyStructural Biology