Education and lectures on biobanking

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An important part of KI Biobanks mission is to educate and inform about biobanks and biobank samples. Both due to current national rules and guidelines , as well as the opportunity for collaborations, and more local information specific to KI and KI Biobank .

Biobanking as a resource for biomedical research: 

Karolinska Institutet and gives a one-week course April 18-22, 2016.

This course aims to provide practical knowledge to start biobanking with state of the art quality comprising ethics, legal aspects, sampling handling and logistics. Furthermore the course aims to enable the course participants to get insight in and knowledge about how to collect human tissue samples and associated data, about how to apply technology advancements such as next generation sequencing, proteomics and metabolomics to harness biological information from biobanked material such as tissues and liquid biopsies and finally to get insight into successful research projects where biobanking in combination with large scale analysis is having direct impact on health care.

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For PhD students and post docs:

For professionals in healthcare and academy

The course is taught in English. 

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For questions please contact Gunnel Tybring.


Gunnel Tybring

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 836 40
Organizational unit: Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (MEB), C8
Department: Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (MEB), C8


We give lectures on biobanking in various graduate schools at KI and it is also possible to contact KI Biobank for special lectures, if desired.

We regularly arrange information days where both internal and external researchers are invited.