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Aii - allergy, immunology and inflammation

Aii is a doctoral programme at KI supported by the board of research education. Our main task is to ensure that PhD students within the fields of Allergy, Inflammation and Immunology achieve both broad and frontline area-specific knowledge during their PhD period. This task is mainly conveyed by the arrangement of theoretical research education courses but also by arrangement of practical courses and by supporting extracurricular types of activities, such as literature clubs and research forums.

The activities of Aii are decided by a steering group consisting of teacher representatives and two PhD student representatives. Aii has decided to also support teacher-specific activities, in order to further improve our courses and to ensure best possible value for the students. These teacher-specific activities will be performed in collaboration with LIME, KI.

How to receive information

For information and seminars, please make sure that you have signed up for the KiiM emaillist. In order to sign up, please contact Annette Engström at


Aii chair - Caroline Grönwall

Dear Aii students and KiiM researchers, 
I am happy to announce that I will take on the responsibility as chairperson for the Aii- Allergy, Immunology and Inflammation doctoral program from 1st of September. Jan Wahlström, the former chair, will stay as program coordinator and we will share the administration responsibility. We also of course have help from the rest of the Aii steering group: Vladana Vukojevic, Ola Winqvist, Gunnar Nilsson, Liselotte Bäckdahl, Michael Uhlin, Gunilla Hedlin, Tulay Lindberg, Helen Kaipe, Julia Uhlmann, and Pia Larssen.
The Aii program administrates and finances around 25 post-graduate courses and are supported by the board of doctoral education. Our aim is to provide the best possible research education and Aii arranges mainly theoretical courses but also more practical courses, student conferences, seminar series, and literature clubs. Aii also co-finances the KiiM retreat and every year Aii hands out a number of grants for arranging workshops and minisymposia. We will send out a reminder with more information, but if you already now have an idea for a minisymposium that could be Aii financed, don't hesitate to contact Jan or me for more information. Similarly, if you are interested in arranging a course in the area of Allergy, Immunology and Inflammation, please let us know. 
I look forward to working with the Aii to facilitate great courses and fun educational student events! 
Best regards,


What does Aii do?

Aii financially supports and practically help arranging theoretic and practical courses as well as other educational activities such as workshops, literature clubs and student conferences.

The main task is to ensure that PhD students in the field of allergy, immunology and inflammation get the best possible theoretical training and provide courses from basics to the absolute research forefront that advance the PhD students’ knowledge in the field and support their research.

Examples of Aii-sponsored education:
-Literature clubs and research forums
-Workshops and minisymposia
-Teaching activities
-Student conferences and events


Photo contest

The Aii doctoral program in Allergy, Immunology and Inflammation is planning to update and refresh our website and we need your help!!  
How do we best illustrate your research? Please send in your best research photo/image to our photo contest ( Any types of photos/images/illustrations are welcome to participate (but don't send files larger than 5MB). In your email also include one sentence to explain your picture and motivate why it should win. 
There will be prices for the best contributions: movie tickets and chocolates!
All the best,
Jan Wahlström
Aii coordinator
Caroline Grönwall
Aii chair


Grants for workshops and minisymposia

Aii announces GRANTS available for the organization of workshops and minisymposia in the area of Allergy, immunology and inflammation. Please contact Caroline Grönwall at for more information about requirements and how you can apply. Costs that may be covered include travel and accommodation for invited speakers, rent of venue, lunches and coffee breaks etc. For recent examples of Aii-sponsored events, please see below.

Workshops and minisymposia

Jan 30: A quest towards regeneration of muscle myopathies as well as pinpointing better molecular biomarkers for better diagnosis of the specific diseases. Academic House, Torsgatan 26.

Feb 13: iMedS immunology day. Rolf Luft Auditorium.

May 30: Aii career evening-PhD and beyond. Location: The Faculty Club (Rolf Luft L1:00), Karolinska Hospital Solna.

This will be really great event with invited speakers from KI and industry that will give there personal perspective about a career after a PhD. We are also very happy have Tina Persson that is a professional career coach to come and give a presentation and be available for discussions. 
For more information, see flyer below and preliminary schedule. For questions, please contact Pia Larssen ( or Ylva Kaiser (
Registration: Via this link as soon as possible (limited number of participants!) but no later than May 26th.

Pizza, drinks, discussions & mingle. We start at 17:30.

Invited speakers:  
Tina Persson CareerCoach
Jens Gertow Mabtech
Johan Lundkvist AlzeCure
Anna-Karin Dahlborn   Novartis
Mikael Karlsson  Karolinska Institutet

Previous workshops and minisymposia

- Workshop in non-academic research, fall 2016
- Image analysis methods for the study of immune system disorders, spring 2016
- Innate lymphoid cells, sping 2016
- Novel fluorescence-based methods in immunlogy, spring 2015
- Data-intensive methods in cell biology for the study of immune system disorders, spring 2015
- Next generation sequencing of antibody repertoires, fall 2015
- MicroRNA in inflammatory diseases, spring 2014
- Immunology and infection biology, spring 2014
- Workshop at the Interface between applied physics and immunology, spring 2014
- RNA sequencing seminar, fall 2014
- In vitro reconstitution of selective HIV-1 genome packaging; Lars-Anders Carlson; University of California; Nov 9
- Becoming Lifescience research consultant; Oscar Boldt-Christmas; McKinsey & Co; Nov 30


Literature clubs

- The story behond the paper

- Immunology book club

- Flow cytometry club


Student conferences and events

- KiiM retreat: Aii is co-sponsor of the KiiM retreat

- Student winter conference

- Student career day


Aii Workshop/Seminar series

The Neuro-Rheuma seminar series 2017. Monthly seminars organized by doctoral students in Neuroimmunology, Rheumatology and Experimental Rheumatology Units at CMM with the aim to discuss research across the different diseases. Contact the organizers Agnes Sowinska (, Karl Carlström ( or Lara Mentlein ( for more information.
The seminars will take place in seminar room L8:04 at CMM, Karolinska Hospital, Solna. The seminar starts at 16:00.

1 Nikos Kyriakidis Karolinska Institutet MWH group, Rheumatology Unit
Structural and functional insights on the E3 ubiquitin-ligase activity of Ro52/TRIM21  
29 Harald Lund Karolinska Institutet Neuroimmunology unit Role of TGF-β in defining microglia and monocyte function in the CNS  
26 Jorge Ramirez Karolinska Institutet Experimental rheumatology unit Let's talk about seXX: how does sex influence autoimmunity?

After 17:00 we'll move to Bagpipers Inn to continue discussions and mingle a bit.
17 Adrian Levitsky
Karolinska Institutet Unit for Clinical Therapy Research, Inflammatory Diseases (ClinTRID) Predicting and monitoring disease course in rheumatoid arthritis

Please come to discuss the value of personalized integrative medicine in RA with Adrian and other researchers, get a free sandwich and enjoy cheap cold beer.


Catia Cerqueira

Karolinska Institutet Rheumatology Unit “Hey Jo1 where you goin' with those glycans in your Fc?” - implications of Jo1 autoantibody glycans and reactivity profiles.  


Information about doctoral education courses at KI, including Aii courses, can be found at


Fall 2017

Fall 2017 courses are available for application in the course catalogue April 13 - May 15 2017.

Fall 2017          
Course code Title Date HEC Course organizer  
2186 Making and using genetically modified mice for immunological research 2017-09-25 -- 2017-09-29 1.5  
2302 Basic immunology 2017-09-26 -- 2017-10-26 3  
2760 Translational medicine in autoimmunity 2017-10-10 -- 2017-10-26 3
2970* Applications of CRISPR/Cas9 technology: genome editing and beyond 2017-10-09 -- 2017-10-13 1.5  
2522* Mass spectrometry-based proteomics: When and How 2017-10-09 -- 2017-10-20 3
1595 Molecular immunology 2017-10-30 -- 2017-11-10 3  
2523* Omics data analysis: From quantitative data to biological information 2017-11-06 -- 2017-11-17 3
2363 Antigen presentation and T cell activation 2017-11-20 -- 2017-11-24 1.5
2348 Functional fluorescence microscopy imaging (fFMI) in biomedical research 2017-11-27 -- 2017-12-08 3  
*Shared with other programs  

Spring 2017

The following doctoral education courses within the Aii program may have vacancies for the spring 2017. Please contact the course organizer directly if you are interested.

Spring 2017      
Course code Title Date HEC Course organizer
2532 Multifactorial immune mediated diseases 2017-03-06--2017-03-10 1.5,,
2302 Basic immunology** 2017-03-07--2017-03-09 and 2017-04-18--2017-04-20 3,
2571* Psychoneuroimmunology 2017-03-20--2017-03-31 6,
1626* Cytokines in inflammation 2017-03-27--2017-04-07 3,
2957* Neural control of inflammation and bioelectronic medicine 2017-05-02--2017-05-05 1.5
*Shared with other programs
**The course will run as usual in the spring 2017 although it may not be listed in the course catalogue. Please register by sending an email to Even if you don't get a reply immediately, you will be guaranteed a place and receive more information closer to the course start. Please also see document below named Basic immunology for more information.
Example of current and previous courses
Some courses are given every semester or once a year while others are given more irregularly, for example every third or fourth semester. Some courses in the list below are shared between several doctoral programs.  
Course code Title HEC Frequency  
2302 Basic immunology 3 Two times/year  
1496 Flow cytometry: from therapy to application 1.5 Once/year  
1595 Molecular immunology 3 Once/year  
1626 Cytokines in inflammation 3 Once/year  
2348 Functional fluorescence microscopy imaging (ffMI) in biomedical research 3 Once/year  
2532 Multifactorial immune mediated diseases - etiology and pathogenesis 1.5 Once/year  
2747 Basic training in flow cytometry 1.5 Once/year  
1552 Skin allergy and inflammation 1.5 Approx every second year  
1627 Clinical and experimental neuroimmunology 1.5 Approx every second year  
2186 Making and using genetically modified mice for immunological research 1.5 Approx every second year  
2363 Antigen presentation and T cell activation 1.5 Approx every second year  
2373 The yin and yang of tolerance: autoimmunity and tumourimmunology 1.5 Approx every second year  
2388 Biology of inflammation 1.5 Approx every second year  
2522 Mass spectrometry-based proteomics: When and how 3 Approx every second year  
2523 Omics data analysis: From quantitative data to biological information 3 Approx every second year  
2535 Pulmonary inflammation 3 Approx every second year  
2571 Psychoneuroimmunology 6 Approx every second year  
2705 Basic inflammation 3 Approx every second year  
2760 Translational medicine in autoimmunity 3 Approx every second year  
2764 Epigenetic methods 1.5 Approx every second year  
2957 Neural control of inflammation and bioelectronic medicine 1.5 Approx every second year  

Information for course organizers

The post-graduate program Aii administrates and finances around 25 post-graduate courses. If you are interested to organize a course within the field of allergy, immunology or inflammation, please see the general KI instructions and also follow the instructions below.

Aii courses must be registered at KI administration by registering the course plan in the database KIWAS. Courses that have been held later than fall 07 are already registered in KIWAS. For older course, or brand new courses, a new course plan has to be registered and approved. In addition, all courses to be held the coming semester need to be specified as to where and when the course will be held. You can also revise an old course plan.
When you have filled in your course description in the database KIWAS, you will receive a confirmation email from Aii that the course is approved by the program. After this, you must send a message to Jan Wahlström at to apply for financial support from Aii. Aii finances a budget of up to SEK 50 000:-/course week (see below for exceptions).
In your application for financial support, please also include a short description of expenses you expect (ex rent, copying, catering costs (fika and/or lunch), books, travel, hotel, lab reagents, external lecture representation and payment) to Jan. Out of the max. SEK 50.000 per week, 15.000 can be shared between the course organizer(s) and the “kursamanuens” in recognition of their time and efforts to administrate the course. No detailed specification is required for this part of the budget. This money will be paid to the organizers KI account and can thus be used for research-related expenses.
In the case the course budget exceeds SEK 50 000:-/week, an extended budget can for special cases, such as lab-intensive courses, be approved by Aii before the course starts.
Expenses should be reported to Jan Wahlström at Jan.Wahlströ for reimbursement no later than three months after completion of the course. The reimbursement can be obtained in two parts where the A part of SEK 15 000:- can be obtained before the start of the course by sending an invoice to Jan Wahlström ZZK2JANWAH. The B part, up to SEK 35 000:-, will be paid only after the completion of the course, after Caroline Grönwall and Jan Wahlström have received the final report (see below).
Please note that the course needs to have a minimum of 8 KI-registered PhD students to receive the full funding.
The KI post-graduate courses have had problems with students not showing up at course start. To prevent this, Aii recommends their course organizers to use the below example as reply form for students.
Final report: At the end of the course, we ask you to fill out the final report form below and email it to and
KI's rules for economic reimbursements for external lecturers is found at Internwebben.


Composition of steering group

Caroline Grönwall
Assistant professor
MedS Chair
Jan Wahlström
Assoc Prof
MedS Coordinator
Vladana Vukojevic
Assoc Prof
Clin Neuroscience Pedagogic development
Liselotte Bäckdahl
Research Engineer
Gunnar Nilsson
Gunilla Hedlin
KBH, CfA at IMM (50%)  
Helen Kaipe
Assoc Prof
LabMed, Huddinge  
Tülay Lindberg
Assoc Prof
Odontology, Huddinge  
Michael Uhlin
Assoc Prof
OnkPat, Huddinge  
Pia Larssen
Doctoral Student
Julia Uhlmann
Doctoral Student
MedH, CIM (Huddinge)  
Ola Winqvist

KiiM retreat (this year SSI 2017)

You will find more information at KiiM:s webpage. Warm welcome!

In 2017 the KiiM retreat will be replaced by the Scandinavian Society for Immunology (SSI) meeting, jointly organized by KiiM and the Swedish Society for Immunology, SWIMM. SSI 2017 takes place from October 17 to 20 at the Clarion Sign Hotel in the middle of Stockholm. More information can be found at the KiiM website and at the conference website


Winter conference 9-12th March 2017

Dear all,
The registration for the Winter Conference From Basics to Clinics 2017 is now open! 
You can register here: 
This conference aims to bring scientists from basic and clinical research together, while increasing the interaction between students from the two KI campuses. 
The program, as usual, will include morning and afternoon sessions of scientific activities (oral presentations, posters and workshops) where every student is required to present. This provides a great platform for participants to present their research in a less formal environment, which might be particularly useful for students during the first years of their doctoral studies. 

The great success and the good feedback received in the previous years encouraged us to organize it for the fifth time in a row, fourth in the winter conference format. This year, the conference will take place in Åre, on March 9th-12th.  
We believe that interdisciplinary events are beneficial for the participants and enhance not only their interaction but potential collaborations. Therefore, we welcome students from all the programs and departments at KI to attend this event, but hurry up because the spots are limited!
For more informations: FB Event- 

Best regards,
The organizers

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