Diagnose-based networks

Applications for support (seed money) for KICancer Task Forces Focusing on Specific Cancers(formerly “Diagnose based networks”)

Dnr 2-3832/2016


KICancer invites a new round of applications for support to the Task Forces for Diagnose Groups/Diagnose Based Networks.

The application should contain a description of the network (≤ one page), names of the leader and persons in a suggested or existing steering group, as well as what the grant will be used for including a budget for 2017-18. If an application from an already established network is submitted, there should also be a one page summary of the networks´ achievements and activities so far.

Applications should have arrived as one pdf-file to registrator@mtc.ki.se latest

December 5 2016. Please label your application with Dnr 2-3832/2016.

Application details (pdf)



Within KICancer eleven diagnose-based networks have been initiated. Each of them focus on one form and group of cancer, and promote interdisciplinary, interdepartmental and translational cooperation on this cancer  including oncologists, surgeons, other clinicians, basic scientists, nursing scientists and epidemiologists. They will have an instrumental role in the start-up on PCM-program.

The networks are:

Networks Chair Email
Breast cancer Jonas Bergh Jonas.Bergh@ki.se
Cancer neurobiology (KaNCaN) Ola Hermanson Ola.Hermanson@ki.se
CNS Monica Nistér Monica.Nister@ki.se
Colorectal cancer (KICK) Anna Martling Anna.Martling@ki.se
Endocrine tumors Catharina Larsson Catharina.Larsson@ki.se
Gynecologic tumors Maria Shoshan Mimmi.Shoshan@ki.se
Head/neck/lung cancer Tina Dalianis/Anders Hjerpe Tina.Dalianis@ki.se / Anders.Hjerpe@ki.se
Hematology Birgitta Sander Birgitta.Sander@ki.se
Liver/pancreas cancer Matthias Löhr Matthias.Lohr@ki.se
Pediatric cancer Per Kogner Per.Kogner@ki.se
Sarcoms Bertha Brodin Bertha.Brodin@ki.se