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About me

My research interest is on leadership and implementation within the health and social care setting. Concurrently, I am also working at the Implementation Unit at the Centre for Epidemiology and Community Medicine (CES), Stockholm County Council.


2012 Degree of Master of Science with a major in Public Health (120 hp), Karolinska Institutet

2010 First-class Honours Degree in a Bachelors of Science in Human Nutrition (180 hp), The Manchester Metropolitan University


Research description

My research project focuses on the exploration, evaluation and development of line manager’s implementation leadership.

This involves exploring line manager’s role in implementing methods informed by best available evidence in the social and health care setting. I aim to further understand how managers themselves perceive and understand their role in implementing evidence-based practice (EBP), and what actions they take when implementing change. I am also investigating how the inner and outer context influences line manager’s abilities to effectively lead an implementation process.

In addition, I am examining how implementation-specific leadership can be measured and how leadership behaviours can be trained when implementing change. This includes evaluating and studying what effects leadership training has on an implementation process as well as self-reported well-being and the psychosocial working environment.

I concurrently work at the Implementation Unit at the Centre for Epidemiology and Community Medicine (CES) at the Stockholm County Council. Here, I have been involved in different projects concerning various aspects of leadership and implementation. For instance, we have developed and executed workshops to support primary care and hospital units in Stockholm County Council in the implementing changes in practice. We are also currently investigating the relationship between leadership behaviours of line managers and successful implementation within the health care setting.

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