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About me

I currently work as a research assistant at Hjärnlabbet, Aging Research Centre. I am involved in several different research projects all investigating brain plasticity in older adults.

Prior to working at Karolinska Institute I worked as a tutor at the Research School of Psychology, ANU as well as a research assistant at  the Department of Psychology, section for Perception and Psychophysics, Stockholm University. I have experience with cognitive testing, psychophysical testing, brain imaging and screening for dementia.


- Bachelor of Psychology (with First-Class Honours) from the Australian National University (ANU) (2012), and Masters in Psychology from Stockholm University (Feb 2017).

- MR Drivers License at MR-centrum, KI, Solna (2015)

- MR Drivers License  at Röntgenkliniken, Huddinge Universitetssjukhus (2016)

- GCP course (Grundläggande introduktion till Good Clinical Practice) (Dec 2016)

Research description

I currently work in Professor Martin Lövdéns research group, investigating brain plasticity in older adults. I play a central role in cognitive testing, brain imaging (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and TDCS (transcranial direct stimulation).

My broad research interests include cognitive training, olfaction, and social cognition.

I have previously been involved in research investigating the effects of olfactory cognitive training in cognition and brain networks, as well as eating disordered behaviour in adolescents.

Teaching portfolio

I have worked as a tutor at the Research School of Psychology, ANU for PSYC1003 and 1004 holding seminars in diverse topics including neuropsychology, social psychology and developental psychology.

Academic honours, awards and prizes