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About me


Research description

I am mostly conducting observational and randomized population-based epidemiological studies. Core research areas are obesity of pregant women, young children and adolescents.   

Here is a  list of ongoing projects: 

1) Gestational weight gain and risks of obesity and elevated blood pressure in offspring.

2) Primary prevention of childhood obesity through sessions at child health centers about healthy eating habits and physical activity. A RCT

3) Can young children’s physical activity and sedentary behavior be improved by policies and action plans implemented in preschools? An intervention study

4) Can excessive gestational weight gain and weight retention after delivery be prevented in overweight women by motivational interviewing, self-monitoring and feedback? A RCT

5) Obesity in people with mobility disabilities: steps forwards to better health, wellbeing and participation in society

6) Health and Wellbeing of women and their families treated by gastric bypass surgery: observational and randomized controlled studies

7) Has a randomized dissonance-based intervention effects on eating behavior, body esteem, quality of life, mood, physical activity and sedentary behavior in severely obese women after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery?

8) Long-term effects of increased alcohol availability among teenagers: A natural experiment

9) Impact of the economic crisis 1991-94, school performance, and migrant status on associations between labour market position in youth and mental and alcohol-related health problems in later life

10) Evaluation of a counseling intervention aimed at promoting labor market integration and mental health amongst young school drop-outs. A RCT

Teaching portfolio

On behalf of the Department of Public Health Sciences, I am responsible for part of the course called Health, Society and Environment (HSM) given at term eleven of the medical programme for undergraduate students.

I am also giving PhD courses in Life-course epidemiology and Obesity in man.


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