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Planar cell polarity gene expression correlates with tumor cell viability and prognostic outcome in neuroblastoma
Dyberg C, Papachristou P, Haug Bh, Lagercrantz H, Kogner P, Ringstedt T, et al
BMC cancer 2016;16():259-

Aberrant immunostaining pattern of the CD24 glycoprotein in clinical samples and experimental models of pediatric medulloblastomas
Sandén E, Dyberg C, Krona C, Visse E, Carén H, Northcott Pa, et al
Journal of neuro-oncology 2015;123(1):1-13

Wnt/β-catenin pathway regulates MGMT gene expression in cancer and inhibition of Wnt signalling prevents chemoresistance
Wickström M, Dyberg C, Milosevic J, Einvik C, Calero R, Sveinbjörnsson B, et al
Nature communications 2015;6():8904-

Transgenic increase of Wnt7b in neural progenitor cells decreases expression of T-domain transcription factors and impairs neuronal differentiation
Papachristou P, Dyberg C, Lindqvist M, Horn Z, Ringstedt T
Brain research 2014;1576():27-34

Targeting the hedgehog signal transduction pathway at the level of GLI inhibits neuroblastoma cell growth in vitro and in vivo
Wickström M, Dyberg C, Shimokawa T, Milosevic J, Baryawno N, Fuskevåg Om, et al
International journal of cancer 2013;132(7):1516-24

Vang-like protein 2 and Rac1 interact to regulate adherens junctions
Lindqvist M, Horn Z, Bryja V, Schulte G, Papachristou P, Ajima R, et al
JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE 2010;123(3):472-83