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About me

I am a doctoral student at the Unit for Medical Education and "Laboratory for Emerging Technologies (LET)." My passion is how to make the world a better place by Education! I was Involved in some medical education projects in my university (IUMS).

First of all, we tried to change the transitional part (physiopathology year) in our medical school curriculum. We tried to measure the readiness of medical students for clinical rotations, and then we developed a 2 month pilot program to prepare junior medical students for clinical rotations. That was published as my MD dissertation (2001).

In 2004-2011, when I was the director of Talented Students Office in IUMS, we tried to develop some curriculum enrichment initiatives (National Medical Science Olympiad was the best known example) and also quantify the notion of giftedness in our context.

For my M.S. thesis in medical education, as most of my friends struggled with specialty decision making, we tried to develop a tool based on the AAMC Specialty Indecision Scale (SIS), for our context to help medical students identify their strengths and weakness in specialty decision making (2008).

Later on, I involved in some Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities and my supervisor helped me to do some research about CME and e-Learning. At the same time I got a scholarship and chose KI to follow my doctoral education.

Now, I am working on a thesis project about design e-Learning activities in CME to Improve Drug Therapy Decision Making for general practitioners. 


2012- now: Doctoral Candidate (Instructional Technology), Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden
2008: M.Sc. (Medical Education), Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran
2001: MD, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran 

Research description

In a growing number of countries, Continuing Medical Education is necessary for physicians and other health personnel. e-Learning could add some features to the CME and busy physicians can learn better in a more convenient way. The antibiotic resistance is an important issue these days and governing agencies try to have some stewardship plan for it. For example participation in a "rational drug therapy" CME programs is obligatory for all physicians. But, we need to engage the learners In these programs. So, how we could do this?

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