Fluorescence Microscope

There are two fluorescense microscopes for common use at CCK

Location: CCK, floor 3 room 038

Zeiss, Model: Axioskop 2

Location: CCK, floor 3, room 038

Model: Axioplan 2 imaging. Equipped with CCD camera and AxioVision Rel. 4.7 software

The computer at the side has the same software that allows picture processing, like, f. ex., deconvolution.

Contact person:

Monika.Ehnman@ki.se (maternal leave)

Senior researcher

Bertha Brodin

Organizational unit: Research Group Brodin, Bertha
E-mail: Bertha.Brodin@ki.se

The KI Core Visualization Facility at MTC (KIVIF)
CMB Microscope Core Facility