The 5 latest publications at the division

A Multi-Cohort Study of ApoE ɛ4 and Amyloid-β Effects on the Hippocampus in Alzheimer's Disease.

Khan W1,2,3, Giampietro V1, Banaschewski T4,5, Barker GJ1, Bokde AL6, Büchel C7, Conrod P1,8, Flor H4,5, Frouin V9, Garavan H10,11, Gowland P12, Heinz A13, Ittermann B14, Lemaître H15, Nees F4,5, Paus T16,17,18, Pausova Z19, Rietschel M4,5, Smolka MN20, Ströhle A13, Gallinat J13, Vellas B21, Soininen H22, Kloszewska I23, Tsolaki M24, Mecocci P25, Spenger C26, Villemagne VL27,28, Masters CL27,28, Muehlboeck JS1,2, Bäckman L29, Fratiglioni L29, Kalpouzos G29, Wahlund LO30, Schumann G1,2, Lovestone S1,2,3, Williams SC1,2,3, Westman E1,30, Simmons A1,2,3,30; Alzheimer–s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative; AddNeuroMed Consortium, Australian, Imaging, Biomarkers, and Lifestyle Study Research Group; IMAGEN consortium.

Imaging biomarkers of dementia: recommended visual rating scales with teaching cases.

Wahlund LO1, Westman E1, van Westen D2,3, Wallin A4, Shams S5,6, Cavallin L7,8, Larsson EM9; From the Imaging Cognitive Impairment Network (ICINET).

Novel genetic loci associated with hippocampal volume.


Dementia research priorities-2.

Smith AD1, Mangialasche F2, Kivipelto M3.

Management of acute ischaemic stroke in patients with dementia.

Subic A1,2, Cermakova P1,3, Norrving B4, Winblad B1, von Euler M5,6, Kramberger MG2, Eriksdotter M7,8, Garcia-Ptacek S7,8.