David Lane Group

Professor Sir David Lane discovered the p53 cancer protein which is the focus of his research.


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Group Members


David Lane

Organizational unit: David Lane group
E-mail: david.lane@ki.se


Suhas Darekar

Organizational unit: David Lane group
E-mail: Suhas.Darekar@ki.se

Laboratory technician

Tanzina Mollick

Organizational unit: David Lane group
E-mail: tanzina.mollick@ki.se

Laboratory technician

Andrés Pastor Fernández

Organizational unit: David Lane group
E-mail: andres.pastor.fernandez@ki.se

Senior research specialist

Kiran Sedimbi

Organizational unit: David Lane group
E-mail: Saikiran.Sedimbi@ki.se

R&D trainee

Katrine Ingelshed

Organizational unit: Sonia Lain group
E-mail: katrine.ingelshed@ki.se

Senior research specialist

Nicolas Fritz

Organizational unit: David Lane group
E-mail: nicolas.fritz@ki.se


Harsha Madapura

Organizational unit: David Lane group
E-mail: Harsha.Madapura@ki.se

Laboratory technician

Cecilia Bosdotter

Organizational unit: David Lane group
E-mail: cecilia.bosdotter@ki.se

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