Selected publications from the Björkström lab

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Composition and dynamics of the uterine NK cell KIR repertoire in menstrual blood 
Ivarsson MA, Stiglund N, Marquardt N, Westgren M, Gidlöf S, Björkström NK
Published in Mucosal Immunology

Nonreversible MAIT cell-dysfunction in chronic hepatitis C virus infection despite successful interferon-free therapy
Hengst J, Strunz B, Deterding K, Ljunggren HG, Leeansyah E, Manns MP, Cornberg M, Sandberg JK, Wedemeyer H, Björkström NK
Published as a Frontline article in European Journal of Immunology

Emerging insights into natural killer cells in human peripheral tissues
Björkström NK, Ljunggren HG, Michaëlsson J
Published in Nature Reviews Immunology 

Protection against malaria at 1 year and immune correlates following PfSPZ vaccination
Ishizuka AS, Lyke KE, DeZure A, Berry AA, Richie TL, Mendoza FH, Enama ME, Gordon IJ, Chang LJ, Sarwar UN, Zephir KL, … , Fahle GA, Mikolajczak SA, Fishbaugher M, Sack BK, Kappe SH, Davidson SA, Garver LS, Björkström NK, Nason MC, Graham BS, Roederer M, Sim BK, Hoffman SL, Ledgerwood JE, Seder RA.
Published in Nature Medicine

Functional malignant cell heterogeneity in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors revealed by targeting of PDGF-DD 
Cortez E, Gladh H, Braun S, Bocci M, Cordero E, Björkström NK, Miyazaki H, Michael IP, Eriksson U, Folestad E, Pietras K 
Published in PNAS


Cutting edge: identification and characterization of human intrahepatic CD49a+ NK cells
Marquardt N, Béziat V, Nyström S, Hengst J, Ivarsson MA, Kekäläinen E, Johansson H, Mjösberg J, Westgren M, Lankisch TO, Wedemeyer H, Ellis EC, Ljunggren HG, Michaëlsson J, Björkström NK
Published as a Cutting-Edge article in Journal of Immunology

High-resolution determination of human immune cell signatures from fine-needle liver aspirates

Hengst J, Theorell J, Deterding K, Potthoff A, Dettmer A, Ljunggren HG, Wedemeyer H, Björkström NK

Published in European Journal of Immunology

Effects of HDV infection and pegylated interferon α treatment on the natural killer cell compartment in chronically infected individuals
Lunemann S, Malone DF, Grabowski J, Port K, Béziat V, Bremer B, Malmberg KJ, Manns MP, Sandberg JK, Cornberg M, Ljunggren HG, Wedemeyer H, Björkström NK
Published in Gut

The biliary epithelium presents antigens to and activates natural killer T cells

Schrumpf E, Tan C, Karlsen TH, Sponheim J, Björkström NK, Sundnes O, Alfsnes K, Kaser A, Jefferson DM, Ueno Y, Eide TJ, Haraldsen G, Zeissig S, Exley MA, Blumberg RS, Melum E

Published in Hepatology


Compromised function of natural killer cells in acute and chronic viral hepatitis
Lunemann S, Malone DF, Hengst J, Port K, Grabowski J, Deterding K, Markova A, Bremer B, Schlaphoff V, Cornberg M, Manns MP, Sandberg JK, Ljunggren HG, Björkström NK, Wedemeyer H
Published in Journal of Infectious Diseases (2014)

Differentiation and functional regulation of human fetal NK 

Ivarsson MA, Loh L, Marquardt N, Kekäläinen E, Berglin L, Björkström NK, Westgren M, Nixon DF, Michaëlsson J

Published in Journal of Clinical Investigation (2013)

CD8 T cells express randomly selected KIRs with distinct specificities compared with NK cells
Björkström NK, Béziat V, Cichocki F, Liu LL, Levine J, Larsson S, Koup RA, Anderson SK, Ljunggren HG, Malmberg KJ
Published in Blood (2012)

Longitudinal analysis of the human T cell response during acute hantavirus infection

Lindgren T, Ahlm C, Mohamed N, Evander M, Ljunggren HG, Björkström NK

Published in Journal of Virology (2011)

Rapid expansion and long-term persistence of elevated NK cell numbers in humans infected with hantavirus
Björkström NK, Lindgren T, Stoltz M, Fauriat C, Braun M, Evander M, Michaëlsson J, Malmberg KJ, Klingström J, Ahlm C, Ljunggren HG
Published in Journal of Experimental Medicine (2011)
Expression patterns of NKG2A, KIR, and CD57 define a process of CD56dim NK-cell differentiation uncoupled from NK-cell education 
Björkström NK, Riese P, Heuts F, Andersson S, Fauriat C, Ivarsson MA, Björklund AT, Flodström-Tullberg M, Michaëlsson J, Rottenberg ME, Guzmán CA, Ljunggren HG, Malmberg KJ
Published in Blood (2010)

CD56 negative NK cells: origin, function, and role in chronic viral disease

Björkström NK, Ljunggren HG, Sandberg JK

Published in Trends in Immunology (2010)

Interferon-alpha-induced TRAIL on natural killer cells is associated with control of hepatitis C virus infection

Stegmann KA, Björkström NK, Veber H, Ciesek S, Riese P, Wiegand J, Hadem J, Suneetha PV, Jaroszewicz J, Wang C, Schlaphoff V, Fytili P, Cornberg M, Manns MP, Geffers R, Pietschmann T, Guzmán CA, Ljunggren HG, Wedemeyer H

Published in Gastroenterology (2010)