Career opportunities CIM

The Center receives at least 500-800 spontaneous applications every year for possible positions at all levels.

At the moment we have an open position in the Niklas Björkström group.

The Director is responsible for the recruitment of new group leaders, following advice from the CIM faculty group (which includes all group leaders and senior scientists at the Center) and from international scientific advisors.

The group leaders, in agreement with the Director, recruit postdoctoral fellows and graduate students to their individual research groups. Based on the spontaneous applications CIM receives, and applications in responses to specific calls, the Center and its group leaders choose the most qualified applicants for any position that is available.

Key components in our recruitment

Key components in our ongoing recruitment processes are scientific excellence, qualifications for performing well, ability to interact in a geographically co-localized group of scientists, likelihood of contributing to the Center´s development and personal skills. Furthermore, the ability to bring new technology, provide new methodological skills, add theoretical competence and contribute to the interdisciplinary environment is important.

The Center has, since its inauguration, actively striven towards having equal numbers of men and women at all levels including students, post docs, senior scientists and group leaders as well as technical and administrative personnel.

Infectious Disease Medicine