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KI 2.0 - Learning for the future

The aim of the project is to develop a strategy for implementation of entrepreneurship in the education at KI. The objective is to introduce elements of entrepreneurship in all study programmes at KI, to provide students with skills for their future career, adapted to the developments taking place in the industry. The practical work within the project is based on interactive workshops with representatives from management of the study programme, active teachers, and students as well as union and industry representatives.

The project will, among other things, result in strategic plans for how entrepreneurship can be incorporated at KI. Based on the outcome of the interactive workshops, new modules, teacher training courses, teaching material etc. will be developed and implemented.

Research will also be conducted to follow the project from a perspective of entrepreneurial approach. A platform for external workshops on entrepreneurial learning will be looked into. Knowledge and results generated within the project will be presented in articles, at conferences and as cases etc.

Project manager

Linda Johansson

Phone: 08-524 864 52
Organizational unit: Unit for bioentrepreneurship (UBE)

Graduate Student

Max Kleijberg

Organizational unit: MMC/Innovative care

Empowering PhD:s through entrepreneurship

With basic tools for innovation and enhanced entrepreneurial skills, doctoral students and young research group leaders will be empowered to take their research and future career to new possibilities. 


Doctoral students are trained to develop advanced knowledge and skills in their specific research field. At the same time, there is an increased demand on utilisation of research results. There is also a need for young researchers to develop their own career paths, even outside of academia. 


The aim with this project is to raise interest and increase awareness of the potential with entrepreneurship and innovation in the doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet. The education should be developed for the doctoral students to be able to;

  • manage and develop their own research project with help of business tools,
  • increase the possibilities for utilization of research results, and
  • lay the foundation for a future career outside academia


Based on action research and design thinking, the project is built up by four phases to 1) discover the need for entrepreneurship in the doctoral education, 2) define the focus of the project, 3) develop and prototype alternative solutions and finally 4) test and launch the result.

Results so far

From an online survey we know how the doctoral students look at their future career and what they think they need to get there. Based on the survey we have developed a prototype for a 2-hour interactive introduction module with the following main components: 

Next step

Next step is to develop visual material to support the learning. A survey towards programme directors will also be developed and performed together with a number of focus groups.

For doctoral students who want to learn more, an elective course will also be developed and tested.  

Head of unit

Hanna Jansson

Phone: 08-524 838 61
Organizational unit: Unit for bioentrepreneurship (UBE)

Project manager

Susanna von Holst

Phone: 08-524 871 64
Organizational unit: Unit for bioentrepreneurship (UBE)