Research group - Anders Sönnerborg

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Translational research on chronic viral infections with focus on HIV and hepatitis C.

The research of our group is translational, studying HIV-1 and hepatitis pathogenesis, treatment (cure, resistance) and molecular epidemiology from both an experimental and a translational point of view. The consequences of the damage to the gut-blood barrier are studied as well as mechanisms for viral latency. The group collaborates intensively with national and international partners. The infrastructure of the translational research is the HIV cohort at Karolinska University Hospital and the national InfCare HIV database. Global collaborations are focused on aspects on HIV treatment, including drug resistance, and molecular epidemiology. They are performed together with partners from Europe and several low-middle income countries (Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam).

Research group leader Anders Sönnerborg

Professor/senior physician

Anders Sönnerborg

Organizational unit: Unit for Infection and Dermatology

Group members

Emmi AnderssonGraduate Student
Abu Bakar SiddikAssociated
Babilonia BarqashoPostdoc
Nigus Fikrie TeleleResearch assistant on study grant
Shambhu Prasad Ganeshappa AralaguppeGraduate Student
Birgitta LeskoGraduate Student
Ujjwal NeogiAssistant professor
Duncan NjendaPhD student
Kajsa NoyanPhD student
Kamlendra SinghAssociated
Anna-Lena SpetzAssociated
Jenny SvärdAssociated
Anders SönnerborgProfessor/senior physician
Ellinor ThidholmAssociated
Jan VesterbackaAssociated
Amare Worku KaluResearch assistant on study grant
Wang ZhangAssociated

Clinical unit

Name Title
Johanna Brännström PhD student, MD
Tina Carlander PhD student, MD
Amanda Häggblom Postdoc
Piotr Nowak Senior researcher, MD, PhD
Veronica Svedhem Senior researcher, MD, PhD
Jan Vesterbacka PhD student

Research techniques

  • Molecular biology
  • Cell cultures
  • Bioinformatics 

External funding

Swedish Research Council,  EU FP7, Swedish International Developing Agency, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, Stockholm County Council, Swedish Physicians Against AIDS Foundation, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, Ruth and Richard Julin Foundation, Sixten Gemzéus Stiftelse/Gålöstiftelsen, Gilead Sciences, AbbVie.

Teaching assignments

Lectures and tutoring in Clinical Microbiology under the curriculum of the Biomedical Laboratory Science Programme.

Selected publications

Superinfection with drug-resistant HIV is rare and does not contribute substantially to therapy failure in a large European cohort.
Bartha I, Assel M, Sloot P, Zazzi M, Torti C, Schülter E, et al
BMC Infect. Dis. 2013 Nov;13():537

Trends in antiretroviral therapy and prevalence of HIV drug resistance mutations in Sweden 1997-2011.
Bontell I, Häggblom A, Bratt G, Albert J, Sönnerborg A
PLoS ONE 2013 ;8(3):e59337

Kinetics of microbial translocation markers in patients on efavirenz or lopinavir/r based antiretroviral therapy.
Vesterbacka J, Nowak P, Barqasho B, Abdurahman S, Nyström J, Nilsson S, et al
PLoS ONE 2013 ;8(1):e55038

Impact of HMGB1/TLR Ligand Complexes on HIV-1 Replication: Possible Role for Flagellin during HIV-1 Infection.
Nowak P, Abdurahman S, Lindkvist A, Troseid M, Sönnerborg A
Int J Microbiol 2012 ;2012():263836