Unit of Environmental Epidemiology

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The activities of the unit are focused on following major themes:

  • Causes of asthma and allergy
  • Health effects of air pollution
  • Health risks related to noise
  • Molecular epidemiology
  • Health risk assessment

Several studies are performed on health risks related to ambient air pollution, including effects in the cardiovascular system and respiratory tract. Both effects of short- and long-term exposure are of interest. Cardiovascular and metabolic effects of community noise are also investigated.

Major research activities are focused on risk factors for asthma and allergy in children, partly based on a large birth cohort (BAMSE). Molecular biomarkers are increasingly used to assess interactions between environmental and hereditary factors as well as to better characterize exposure and health effects.

Most projects are conducted in international collaboration and aim to strengthen the basis for environmental health risk assessment. Such assessments are performed for both international and national organizations and authorities, and are often based on research conducted within the unit.

Head of Unit

Professor/senior physician

Göran Pershagen

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 874 60
Organizational unit: Environmental epidemiology
E-mail: Goran.Pershagen@ki.se

Research groups

Unit members

Niklas AnderssonStatistician
Anand AndiappanAssociated
Sara AvilaAssociated
Natalia BallardiniAssociated
Tom BellanderProfessor, senior
Anna BergströmSenior researcher
Gösta BluhmAssociated
Marie CarpResearch nurse
Barbara EkmanAssociated
Sandra EkströmPhD student
Margareta ErikssonAssociated
Charlotta ErikssonAssociated
Laura FeldmanAssociated
Antonis GeorgellisAssociated
Olena GruzievaScholar
Jenny HallbergAssociated
Eva HallnerAssociated
Ulrika HellbergResearch nurse
Marina JonssonAssociated
Inger KullAssociated
Ashish KumarAssociated
André LauberAssociated
Tomas LindAssociated
Petter LjungmanAssociated
Susanne LundinAssociated
Mare Löhmus SundströmAssociated
Erik MelénAssociate professor, Assistant professor
Simon Kebede MeridBioinformatician
Anne-Sophie MerrittAssociated
Sara NilssonAssociated
Göran PershagenProfessor/senior physician
Åsa PerssonPhD student
Eva PeterssonResearch nurse
Jennifer ProtudjerPostdoc
Andrei PykoPhD student
Auriba RazaPhD student
Erica SchultzAssociated
Massimo StafoggiaGraduate Student
Jesse ThacherPhD student
Petra Um BergströmAssociated
Alva WallasPhD student
Magnus WickmanProfessor emeritus
Mikael ÖgrenAssociated