Unit of Biochemical Toxicology

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Our research is focused on cancer and endocrine disruption and involves risk assessment, mechanisms and prevention.

The objective of our research is to understand the connection between exposure to chemicals and cancer and endocrine disruption. We work with both cellular models and analyze data bases to understand mechanisms behind chemically-induced cancer and prevention mechanisms. We also develop methods for biomonitoring and risk assessment. Other areas of interest are combined effects of carcinogens and gender differences in carcinogenesis.

Progress within these areas will lead to improved risk assessment and development of prevention strategies.


Head of unit

Head of department

Ulla Stenius

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 878 72
Organizational unit: Biochemical toxicology
E-mail: Ulla.Stenius@ki.se


Unit members

Imran AliPostdoc
Jessika Barron CuencaAssociated
Marika BerglundSenior researcher
Harry BerglundAssociated
Anna BeroniusPostdoc
Marcus CebulaPostdoc
Virginia CunhaAssociated
Kristian DreijSenior researcher
Gunilla EkströmAssociated
Monika EzerskytePhD student
Aram GhalaliPostdoc
Anda GligaPhD student
Annika HanbergProfessor
Johan HögbergProfessor, senior
Bengt JernströmProfessor emeritus
Hanna KarlssonSenior researcher
Kristin LarssonPhD student
Jana LebedováAssociated
Peter MoldeusAssociated
Ralf MorgensternProfessor
João ParedesAssociated
Ilona SilinsAssistant professor
Linda SpahiuAssociated
Ulla SteniusHead of department, Professor
Rongrong WuPhD student
Huiyuan ZhengPostdoc
Johanna ZilliacusSenior lecturer
Emma ÅkerlundPhD student



Mechanisms and prevention

Risk assessment

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