Your employment

About your position as a doctoral student at FyFa, your salary, and social benefits you may receive.


There are two main types of doctoral student positions, with separate terms and conditions.

doctoral studentship ('doktorandtjänst') means a full employment, with a proper salary and full social security if you get sick, go on parental leave, etc.

Most doctoral students, however, will initially receive a doctoral grant ('utbildningsbidrag'). A doctoral grant is a type of funding. In addition to the grant, a doctoral student with a doctoral grant is usually partly employed by the department and receives a partial, monthly salary.

All doctoral students admitted from 1 January 2014 can be financed by doctoral grants for a maximum of 12 months. After 12 months the doctoral student should be employed on a doctoral studentship. This also applies to those admitted for a licentiate degree.

A temporary regulation is applied for doctoral students admitted during 2013. All those doctoral students should be offered a doctoral studentship at the latest from 1 Jan 2015.


Salaries for doctoral students are usually regulated in local collective agreements on the university level through what are called doctoral student stages ('doktorandstege'). At KI there are currently three stages, and increases in salary take place at half-time and at the time the degree is taken.

A doctoral student with a studentship ('doktorandtjänst') will get a salary according to the doctoral student stages.

A doctoral student with a doctoral grant ('utbildningsbidrag') does not get a salary according to the doctoral student stages, but receives a fixed sum of 15 500 SEK per month.

For more information on salaries, please contact the HR unit at FyFa. 

Sick leave, parental leave

Students with doctoral studentships ('doktorandtjänst') are fully covered by social security for sick leave, parental leave etc during their studies.

Students with doctoral grants ('utbildningsbidrag'), combined with an employment at the department, are partly covered by social security.

Students who only receive doctoral grants are not covered by social security, unless they had full employment in Sweden before they were admitted as doctoral students.

For doctoral students financed by external scholarships the department signs an insurance contract at Kammarkollegiet covering sickness and parental leave.

For more information on social benefits, and what applies to you, please contact the HR unit at FyFa. 

Holiday and holiday pay

For more information on holiday, holiday pay, standard holiday and other leaves as a doctoral student, please contact the HR unit at FyFa. 

HR unit at FyFa

HR manager

Camilla Fors Holmberg

Phone: 08-524 871 99
Organizational unit: Department of Physiology and Pharmacology (FYFA), C3

HR officer

Sofia Schilken

Phone: 08-524 868 78
Organizational unit: Administration