Our Donors

AFA Försäkring Donation of SEK 50 million to the national LifeGene study initiated by KI.
Anonymous Donation of SEK 2 million to research in  CD 19 CAR transduced T-cells against B-cell malignities.

Donated the extensive “Berzelius collection” to the Hagströmer library.

Two new research agreements on chronic pain and Alzheimer’s disease. AstraZeneca is financing a total of five new research posts at Karolinska Institutet for three years.
Professor Endre A. Balazs and Dr Janet L. Denlinger Karolinska Institutet has received a donation of 4 million USD, approximately 35 million SEK, for the creation of a professorship in innovation and entrepreneurship. 
The Kjell & Märta Beijer Foundation Donation of SEK 500,000 to be used for scholarships for researchers in a project titled “Towards a method for optimal training of the brain: Gene-environment interaction in musical expertise”.
The William K. Bowes Jr. Foundation Donation of SEK two million for the establishment of a fund for young, outstanding researchers.
The Dafgård family Donation to a research project on combating stroke (“Uppdrag: Besegra Stroke”).
The Ulla and Ingemar Dahlberg Foundation Donation of SEK 3 million to a research project on the early diagnosis of dyslexia (“Ny metod för tidig upptäkt av dyslexi”).
The Einhorn Family Foundation The foundation has supported several projects in Global Health.
Folksam & KPA Pension Donation of SEK 6 million to a research project designed to find new therapies suitable for elderly people, especially those suffering retirement-induced depression.
The Heart-Lung Foundation Donation of SEK 20 million to a fundraising campaign in support of a research project on combating stroke (“Uppdrag: Besegra Stroke”).
The Hållsten Research Foundation The Hållsten Research Foundation has been co-financing research on brain disease at Karolinska Institutet with the Swedish Brain Fund since 2003.
The Gunnar Höglund and Anna Stina Malmborg Foundation The Foundation makes it possible for Karolinska Institutet to award a winner of the Karolinska Institutet’s prize for research on medical education. 
The Bibbi and Nils Jensen Foundation A generous multi-year donation in support of MS research at Karolinska Institutet
Stichting af Jochnick Foundation A new donation of SEK 4,5 million in support of research at KI to pay for a clinical study on the effects of a nitrate-rich diet on the heart.
The Order of St John Donation of SEK 2 million to a research project on combating stroke (“Uppdrag: Besegra Stroke”).
The Gunnar & Ingmar Jungner Foundation for Laboratory Medicine Donation in support of research at the Institute of Environmental Medicine (IMM).
The Mats Kleberg Foundation Has provided generous support to research and development at the thoracic surgery clinic since 2003.
Inga and Per Lagerman Donation to a project in the field of Global Health.
Investor AB Donation of SEK 10 million to an endowment professorship in innovative medical and social care .
Ming Wai Lau  Donation of USD 50 million (SEK 400 million) from business magnate Ming Wai Lau in Hong Kong for regenerative medicine research, with a node in Stockholm and a node in Hong Kong run by KI.
Paul Lederhausen Donation of SEK 10 million to the Centre for Gender Medicine for research into sex-related differences in common major diseases.
Fredrik Lundberg Private donation of SEK 18 million to a unique project on studying the causes, complications and treatment of aortic dilation, which is often related to diseases of the aortic valve.
Meda AB Donation of SEK 35 million to research into inflammatory diseases.
The Sten A Olsson Foundation for Research and Culture Donation of SEK 5 million to Professor Cecilia Söderberg Naucler in her attempts to find out whether a newly discovered virus can explain cancer.
The Dr Åke Olsson Foundation for Haematological Research SEK 50 million bequeathed for a Dr Åke Olsson Foundation for haematological research.
The Osher Foundations Donation of SEK 50 million to the Osher centre for integrative medicine, where alternative therapies are evaluated scientifically.
The Erling-Persson Family Foundation Donation of SEK 350 million for the establishment of a forum on Karolinska Institutet’s Solna campus.
Märit and Hans Rausing Donation of SEK 70 million for a large-scale research project on breast cancer.
The Sandler Foundation Donation of USD 1 million for research into severe asthma.
Stockholm Sjukhem Foundation Donation of more than 15 million SEK for the creation of a professorship in clinical geriatrics.
Mats Sundin Million kronor donation by Mats Sundin for medical research.
Swedish Orphan Biovitrum Equipment and a unique collection of screening substances worth at least SEK 30 million.
The Torsten and Ragnar Söderberg Foundations

Donation of SEK 45 million to the national LifeGene study initiated by KI.

Donation of SEK 100 million for the establishment of four professorships in strategically important fields of medical research.
Peter Thelin and family  
The Tobias Foundation The Tobias Foundation professorship in stem cell research
UBS Optimus foundation Donation of CHF 720 000 to a project on a new method of TB diagnosis.
Björn and Lena Ulvaeus Donation of SEK 3 million for medical research.
The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation Grant of SEK 100 million to a research centre for regenerative medicine: The Wallenberg Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WIRM).
The Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation Donation for the establishment of the Centre for Advanced Medical Simulation and Training in Huddinge.
Mattias and Sonina Westman Donation to research into cognitive neuroscience to be used for research into and the development of aids for dyscalculia.