The Prefect Word


Dear Friends,

At the CNS department admin, we are of course still taken by the passing of our dear Annki Könick. Thanks to all of you who have sent messages, we will make sure that they reach the family. At Widerströmska huset, 5th floor, we have arranged a table with a photo, a candle and a memory book, into which you are all invited to write a message, state your feelings or a tell a memory or anything else to your liking.

However, equally in spite of sad and happy events and busy agendas, summer is inevitably approaching. Before turning off our computers, we may allow us a bit of reflection of what lies ahead.

Personally, I have recently accepted to serve yet another 3-year term as your prefect. I’m grateful for the support from Institutionsrådet and from rektor Karin Dahlman-Wright! In the comings months, I will try to make it clearer what I hope to see happen at the department during the period 2016-2018. Among the most important items on the long to-do-list you are likely to find:

  • Training of tomorrow’s CNS leaders and in the process equalize the male-to-female professor ratio
  • Further refinement of the supportive infrastructure for research, including better tools for research group management
  • Readiness to face the challenges imposed on our department from the outside, including organizational changes within KI and health care and the economic challenges.

These bullets represent some if not all of the upcoming challenges facing us researchers, teachers, technical or admin staff, challenges that should also to some extent feel relevant and exiting. If we overcome these hurdles, we are likely to help maintain the high standards of our work at CNS and at KI.

I conclusion, it has indeed been an eventful year within KI. Luckily, things have been less dramatic within CNS and to my understanding, most things are in control. I think we all deserve some rest and to allow us to focus less on the work-related components of our lives. Take care in doing so and see you all back in the fall semester!

Head of department

Jan Hillert

Organizational unit: Department of Clinical Neuroscience (CNS), K8