Kristina Alexanderson's research group: SHoL

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The research group “Sickness absence, health and life situation”  (SHoL) was founded in 2003 and has been established as a leading research group within the sickness absence area under the supervision by professor Kristina Alexanderson.

The SHoL group is interdisciplinary and multi professional  within the areas of behavioural science, medicine, economics and statistics, and use both epidemiological and qualitative analysis methods. The traditional perspective of social medicine, with focus on social differences, marginalization and factors of different structural levels (society, organization, individual) is completed with a gender perspective and a health perspective.

Research projects

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Group members

Kristina Alexanderson Professor, Head of the Division
Charlotte Björkenstam PhD, research coordinator
Sandra Doveson PhD student
Rasmus Elrud PhD student
Kristin Farrants Phd, postdoc
Emilie Friberg PhD, research associate
Lena Gonäs Senior research fellow
Klas Gustafsson PhD, Research associate
Hanna Gyllensten PhD, postdoc
Elin Hinas Statistician, on leave
Pontus Josefsson Statistician
Linnea Kjeldgård Statistician, PhD student
Pia Kvillemo PhD
Andreas Malm PhD student
Henrik Nilsson PhD student
Kerstin Nilsson Statistician
Sara Sjölund PhD, postdoc
Arvid Sondén Statistician
Magnus Stenbeck Associate professor, researcher
Mirkka Söderman PhD student
Petter Tinghög PhD, research associate
Michael Wiberg PhD student
Ute Bültmann Professor
Birgitta Floderus Senior professor
Jenny Head Professor
Ulf Jonsson PhD
Anders Kullgren Professor
Jenny Kärrholm PhD
Ulrik Lidwall PhD
Jürgen Linder Associate professor
Staffan Marklund Senior professor
Anders Norlund Docent
Fredrik Saboonchi Professor
Helena Stigson Associate professor
Jussi Vahtera Professor
Agneta Wennman-Larsen Associate professor
Hugo Westerlund Professor
Anders Wikman Associate professor
Margaretha Voss Associate professor


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